2022 Trends in Dishwashers And Water Damage Cleanup That Can Occur

A survey by the US Energy Information Administration found that about two thirds of American homes have a dishwasher but about a fifth of households use it less than once a week. And yet, the absence of one is a deal killer when shopping for a new home since half of us use ours at least once a week.

In general, they are a great tool. The U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program research concluded that dishwashers save water and energy versus hand washing.  

And they are a big investment– about $1k on average. According to Consumer Reports, a typical dishwasher should last about 10 years. Maybe yours will just give up the ghost with no warning, but often they sputter along before they die. The risk to you and your kitchen is when it leaks and causes water damage to the adjacent cabinets and floor. 

Is Your Existing Unit Leaking?

The wear and tear on a dishwasher could cause the unit to leak water onto your floors, causing damage to your kitchen. Have you seen these things? 

  • If the seal around the door is ragged, the stress of heat and soap can cause tears, wearing, and loosening of the door panel gasket. 
  • If the dishwasher latch opens too easily, the door might come open during a cycle and pour water onto the floor.
  • A mix up using dish soap or laundry detergent can cause excessive suds, forcing soap and water out of the door.  
  • If water flows out from under the dishwasher, you could have a water hose, a valve issue or a problem with the seal around the water pump.  
  • If the filter at the bottom of the tub is clogged, water won’t drain properly.  

If so, you’ll soon be in the market for a new one. 

The Options Are Endless

But you’ll need to balance multiple priorities: budget, quietness, reliability, quietness, and style. The most reliable can last up to 20-years, so do your research. For example, you might choose to trade off for a plastic tub (to save money) over a quieter, stainless steel tub.  

Units on the market now, even the budget units, include a sanitizing cycle. Most offer one-hour wash for convenience, and an automatic detergent dispenser.

Upgrades offered might include a third rack, “finger printless” stainless steel, and  a handy cartridge holds enough detergent for some 20 loads  

Technology options include  Wi-Fi, the option to wash a half load only, a delay start setting, a fully adjustable upper rack, a sleek hidden touch screen control panel 

A super stylish pocket handle is unobtrusive with no hardware to clash with other handles in your kitchen.   

How Smart Do You Need?

All the manufacturers offer apps that let you control the dishwasher from your phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can set it up to keep you updated or send you a variety of messages like when it’s time to run a machine-cleaning cycle or when to add more rinse aid.

Or you can go old school put a magnet on the front that tells you if it is “dirty” or “clean.” 

Even More Flexibility

With the growth of tiny homes, walkable urban city centers, and creative zoning for MIL suites, more people are looking for a small footprint solution. Traditional built in dishwashers fit under standard countertops and have permanent plumbing connections. 

Smaller families (or non chefs) might not have a full load every few days. An innovative drawer design option gives them more flexibility to run a half load. Mini 18 inch built-in models might be ideal for a pantry or a secondary entertaining area where you use a lot of glassware.  

People who don’t have cabinet space in their kitchen can use a  temporary solution. Today’s solutions have powerful performance, robust features, sleek designs, and “easy to wheel” casters. Plus, you can take the unit with you when the lease is up!

Need It Right Now?

The past two years have put a strain on the appliance market, it might be difficult to get the model that you want right now. It can delay a replacement you’re waiting for or a project you want to finish.

And it might cost you a little more than you budgeted. According to the latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of major appliances, including dishwashers, increased by 5.5 percent from November 2020 to November 2022. 

Water Damage Cleanup Resulting From A Dishwasher Failure

If your washer breaks down, you could have gallons of soapy, dirty water to deal with. Obviously water seeps out onto the floor and would wipe that up with no problem. However, it is the water that you don’t see that causes the most damage. When water leaks into a dark, poorly ventilated cabinet, any wooden element will degrade and weaken. This creates the perfect environment for mold. When the Rumsey Construction team comes to clean up the water damage, they will also alert you to any possible mold that they find.