3 Sources Of Water Damage In Your Columbia Home

Your Columbia SC home needs to be protected from water damage. While water can invade your property through many sources, there are 3 culprits that often cause significant water damage, but can also be prevented. While you can’t prevent every water damage mishap, you can take steps to reduce the risk of water damage in your own home – from specific sources. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia SC

Washing Machines

Washing machines use a lot of water – about 30 gallons per load. Because washing machines are connected to water sources, they can cause significant water damage if something goes wrong. Hoses on your washing machine need to be checked often to make sure that the hose material is not deteriorating and that the connections are secure. Proper maintenance can stop water damage from happening.

You can also prevent water damage caused by your washing machine by following the loading instructions. Don’t overfill your machine, use the correct amount of laundry soap (and the right kind of soap). Also, have your washing machine inspected and maintained regularly so if any parts need to be replaced, they can be before they cause an issue.


The dishwasher is another appliance hooked up to indoor plumbing and a likely cause of water damage in your home. Though they don’t hold as much water as washing machines do, dishwashers still use about 6 gallons of water for each cycle.

Proper maintenance, cleaning and use of your dishwasher can prevent water damage from happening. Dishwasher drains can get clogged, hoses can leak, and using too much soap can all cause dishwashers to malfunction and flood your kitchen.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners get a good amount of use in Columbia. AC units are necessary to keep our homes cool but they need water to do that. AC units need to drain properly or they can become blocked or clogged. Oftentimes, the AC unit isn’t a suspected cause of water damage so water damage from this source can go unnoticed for a long time – causing more extensive damage.

Inspect the areas around your AC Units, hoses, and drains to prevent water damage and catch it early if it happens. Don’t go a long period of time without checking it as water damage will quickly and quietly turn into a mold disaster if left unnoticed. 

Rumsey Construction – Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia SC

While all of these appliances make our lives easier and more convenient, they can cause some serious damage if they malfunction. If you find water damage in your home, regardless of the source, and need water damage cleanup,  call Rumsey Construction right away.