5 Reasons to Hire A Professional For Fire Damage Cleanup 

If you’re a homeowner in Columbia who recently sustained fire damage in your home, you may be tempted (like many homeowners) to attempt do-it-yourself restoration. While there are certainly things you can do to make your restoration process go as smooth as possible, we recommend calling in a team of professionals to handle the actual cleanup of your home. Here are a few reasons why: 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Columbia

  1. Professionals have efficient methods and tools. Fire damage restoration professionals are called professionals for a reason– they have all the expertise and tools to be considered the best fire damage restorers available. While individual cleanup is “possible,” it is difficult and inefficient because homeowners have to learn on the go, purchase or rent the safety clothing, tools, and chemicals needed to restore for just the one job, and still might make errors that can cause financial burdens, incomplete restoration, or soot/smoke smells later. 
  2. DIY cleanup isn’t safe. Professionals are outfitted with the proper gear to be safe while restoring fire damage in your home, and know the tell-tale signs of structural instability. Smoke damage can be just as harmful as the fire damage itself, leaving chemicals in the air and on surfaces. Purchasing each piece of protective equipment as a homeowner with a single restoration job is tedious and cost prohibitive. In the long run, hiring someone to get fire damage restoration done correctly the first time is probably an investment that will save you not only time, but also money. 
  3. Cleanup companies offer comprehensive cleanup. Rumsey Construction in Columbia, for example, can assist you with everything from emergency tarping and board-up, to removal of smoke and soot, to consultation about what can be restored and what needs to be rebuilt. We can help with all restoration needs. In addition, fire damage restoration companies can work with insurance companies and get everything documented properly. 
  4. Water damage often comes with fire damage. Fire damage is a two-headed problem, because water is generally required to put out fires, so your home probably has water damage as well. Harmful chemicals can leech into water from melted plastic and household items, making cleaning this up dangerous. Rumsey construction routinely deals with this double-issue, making our services a convenient, effective, safe solution to the problem. 
  5. DIY restoration takes too long. While aspects of fire damage restoration are technically “do-able” yourself, homeowners attempting DIY restoration have to learn on the job, making things less efficient than the same tasks when done by professionals. In fire and water damage emergencies, time is of the essence because the faster restoration is done, the less chance there is for long term damage, future problems, and soot or mold smells.

After all, fire damage restoration is what companies like us do! We are passionate about making a transformation happen in your home– from one wreaked by fire, soot, and potentially gallons of water, into the complete, familiar home space that it once was. Give Rumsey Construction a call today to begin your smooth restorative process.