Aftermath Of Floods At Home

water damage restoration charlotteWhen your home becomes overwhelmed by the aftermath of a flood, it is crucial to act quickly. It doesn’t take long for your once-inviting home to turn into shambles after the destruction of a natural disaster like a flood. Not only does a flood bring destruction, but it brings disruption as well. It can seem like an overwhelming challenge for you as the homeowner to try to tackle. And that begs the question, where do you even begin? 

Safety First With Water Damage Restoration – Charlotte

First things first, safety is the most important topic to address after any kind of water damage, but especially after a flood. There are different reasons to take precautionary measures as you start to evaluate everything. You should be aware of electrical hazards, different kinds of potentially contaminated water, and structural damages that might make your home an immediate threat to your safety. If it seems unsafe, you should be sure to evacuate the area and find professional help. This will allow you to proceed in the process of getting your home restored.

Damage Documentation

You also should document the damage that has occurred after a flood. This will be helpful down the road as you are navigating insurance claims and working with restoration companies. Most restoration professionals will actually need to document the damage that has occurred as part of their restoration process, but this also will help you keep track of the damages as well. You can make a checklist and take photos of different damages, including damaged belongings or structures that have been compromised.


Once you know that things are safe and all of the damages have been assessed, it is time to get to the mitigation process. Your restoration team will be able to extract any standing water and start drying out your home. A restoration team will have the tools and equipment to remove water from carpets, hardwood floors, and other fabrics. They also are trained and have the knowledge to be able to strategically place things like fans and dehumidifiers in order to speed up the drying process and then remove moisture in the air. This process does take time, as you want to ensure that there is no water left behind to potentially cause damage later on down the road.


After all of the water has been removed from your home, it is ready to move into the restoration process. Water damage is a very disruptive thing, which results in it being a rather large project. Restoration professionals bring a lot to the table in this stressful situation, though. They provide insights and can handle all of the repairs and reconstruction that might need to be done. Trusting the restoration process to a team of professionals allows proper execution and gives you, as homeowners, peace of mind during a challenging time.

Professional Assistance

Despite the stress and challenge of overcoming your water-damaged home, there is hope. Make sure that you prioritize safety, and call a team of professionals to ensure a seamless recovery. By allowing a team to manage the restoration process, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands. Our team at Rumsey Construction & Restoration is ready to handle all of your water restoration needs.