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Columbia Water Damage Cleanup

Understanding the Water Damage Cleanup Process

Nobody plans on having water damage in their Columbia home. What can you anticipate when the unexpected occurs? Water damage cleanup is our area of expertise here at Rumsey Construction and Restoration, and understanding the procedures for cleaning up water damage will make the entire process appear less difficult for you.  Columbia Water Damage Cleanup […]

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What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage is one of the most destructive things that can happen to a property. Not only can a fire take things away with it, but it also leaves so much behind in its wake. Even after the fire is put out, there is continual damage that can occur. As fires burn, soot and smoke […]

columbia water damage cleanup

The Unseen Effects Of Water Damage In Columbia

There are many issues that homeowners, and renters, face when dealing with any house project! Regarding the number of potential issues water damage can cause in your home, the list goes on, and on, and on. Ok, message received. Water damage can cause a lot of problems! However, not all problems are created equal. One […]

columbia water damage cleanup

Three Surprising Benefits To Water Damage Cleanup

No one wants to deal with a water damage disaster in their home. However, dealing with the effects of water damage may have several unexpected benefits. These include uncovering other potential issues you wouldn’t have found otherwise, learning how to prevent water damage in the future and what to (not) look for in future homes. […]

Water Damage Cleanup Columbia SC

Creating A Water Damage Resistant Home

Creating a water damage resistant home is a process. It requires multiple steps and consistent upkeep. However, that doesn’t mean that doing so is complex or burdensome. In just a few simple steps and some regular maintenance, you can make your home a fortress against water damage. From our water damage restoration professionals at Rumsey […]

Water Damage Cleanup Columbia 

Three Stages of Water Damage Cleanup

When water damages your Columbia home, the first thing you need to do is call for water damage cleanup. In order to prevent as much damage as possible, the water needs to be removed as fast as possible. At Rumsey Construction, we specialize in quick and thorough water damage cleanup so we can provide the […]

Columbia Water Damage Cleanup

Don’t Let Water Damage Cleanup Ruin Your Home

Don’t let water damage ruin your home! Learn how to identify if you have a water damage problem, and how to fix it so it doesn’t get worse. Water damage is a very serious issue that can be extremely costly and curative. The best way to avoid water damage in the future is to be […]

columbia water damage cleanup

2022 Trends in Dishwashers And Water Damage Cleanup That Can Occur

A survey by the US Energy Information Administration found that about two thirds of American homes have a dishwasher but about a fifth of households use it less than once a week. And yet, the absence of one is a deal killer when shopping for a new home since half of us use ours at […]

columbia water damage cleanup

What Do You Do When You Walk Into A Puddle In Your Home?

The odds are that at some point in your life, you’ll come home to some water damage. Maybe it was a burst pipe, a broken appliance or an overflowing bathtub. But as soon as you see (or feel) water, it is a race against the clock to protect your home from additional damage.  So what […]

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Did Your Refrigerator Cause Water Damage?

Every modern home has at least one. Some families have an extra just for drinks! The average refrigerator capacity is between 9 and 30 cubic feet. A French-door design, with half-width fridge doors and a pull-out bottom freezer, is the most popular style in the country. But the most energy efficient style is a top-mount […]

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