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Ways To Prevent Water Damage Cleanup In Your Bathroom

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much water runs through your bathroom every day? No? Well, since we deal with water damage in Columbia every day, we have. On average, the toilet goes through 18.5 gallons of water per person per day, while a 10 minute shower accounts for 25 gallons per […]

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Why Timing Is Crucial When It Comes to Water Damage Cleanup in Columbia, SC

Water damage is one of those terrible tragedies that no one ever wants to go through. Nobody wants to walk into their house and find a pool of water where it shouldn’t be. Water damage can get worse over time, which is just one more bad thing to add to this disaster. When it comes […]

columbia water damage cleanup

Four Common Water Damage Cleanup Mistakes

Water damage restoration is a much more involved process than many people often assume it is. In reality, water damage cleanup requires huge amounts of time, manpower, and attention to detail. Underestimating any one of these elements is a common mistake that many people make. From our water damage restoration experts at Rumsey Construction in […]

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Fortifying Your Home Against Flooding To Save On Water Damage Cleanup Costs

There are a vast number of sources from which flooding can come and damage your home. To have confidence that your home is well-fortified against flooding, you need to be protected from the inside and out. Below are several different tips for doing so according to our restoration experts at Rumsey Construction. Water Damage Cleanup […]

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The Three Categories Of Water Damage: What You Need To Know For Cleanup

Water damage comes in a variety of different forms. Before beginning the restoration process, it’s important that you are aware of the severity of the damage in your home. This will allow you to ensure the restoration process is handled most effectively. While these categories don’t capture the full scope of potential damage, they focus […]

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Five Signs Of Water Damage That Are Easy To Miss

One of the problems about water damage is that it is easy to miss. If you aren’t paying close attention, a water damage issue may be developing in the neglected areas of your home without your knowledge. This can lead to significant damage costing you serious time and expenses to fix over time. To help […]

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The Water Damage Cleanup Checklist

Life can be chaotic, especially after you have suffered water damage in your Columbia. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when it comes to water damage cleanup, and it can be completely overwhelming to remember everything that needs to be done. During a time that seems hectic and […]

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Smoke And Fire Damage Cleanup 

In a house fire, smoke can cover an entire home in less than three minutes. Smoke damage is real, and your property will require specialized cleaning. Discoloration of walls, corrosion of material,  that distinctive, pervasive odor usually accompany fire damage. The destruction of buildings and other property, however, does not even begin to reflect the […]

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5 Reasons to Hire A Professional For Fire Damage Cleanup 

If you’re a homeowner in Columbia who recently sustained fire damage in your home, you may be tempted (like many homeowners) to attempt do-it-yourself restoration. While there are certainly things you can do to make your restoration process go as smooth as possible, we recommend calling in a team of professionals to handle the actual […]

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3 Sources Of Water Damage In Your Columbia Home

Your Columbia SC home needs to be protected from water damage. While water can invade your property through many sources, there are 3 culprits that often cause significant water damage, but can also be prevented. While you can’t prevent every water damage mishap, you can take steps to reduce the risk of water damage in […]

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