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Water Damage On Wood- From Watermarks To Repairs

Quality wooden furniture can last for generations, or it can be ruined by careless housekeeping, broken pipes or flood waters. Maintaining fine furnishings  after water damage is a goal of Rumsey Construction of Columbia.  Watermarks These water stains are often caused by cold glasses, spills, or hot dishes placed directly on the wood. Luckily, though, […]

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Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

As a young kid, few things are scarier than dark basements. As an adult, few things are scarier than flooded basements. Insurance industry numbers show that 97% of basements will end up sustaining some type of water damage (YIKES!).  Since homeowners in Columbia, SC, are no strangers to the rain (our average rainfall in Columbia […]

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Restoring Your Home With State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Water and moisture in homes can cause a lot of damage, not to mention health risks. The sooner everything is dried up, the easier it is to repair damage and mitigate any further problems. With the use of the most advanced drying equipment like high-speed structural drying systems, thermal imaging for moisture detection, and dehumidifiers, […]

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The Three Water Types

There are few things worse than water damage. That being said, we at Rumsey Construction can’t stress enough that water damage that is properly handled, is monumentally better and easier to handle than water damage that is left untouched or poorly handled. The first steps in your water damage restoration plans should include calling a […]

Watch for Water Damage In the Bathroom

Of all the rooms in your Columbia home, the bathroom is by far the most vulnerable to water damage. Over time, this can lead to extensive damage to walls, floors, sub-floors, and wood cabinets. Even minor leakage can lead to huge problems when water seeps below the tiles and damages the underlying structure. Next time […]

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Tips For Remodeling Your Home After Water Damage

At some point, most homeowners with outdated appliances and fixtures will experience some degree of water damage. Unless you’ve been blessed with a lifelong stroke of good luck, you’ll likely find yourself ankle-deep in water at a point when you least expect it. Yeah, it’s annoying. Regardless of the reason your home experiences water damage, […]

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Water Damage Restoration: What to look for

How To Spot Water Damage During An Inspection Buying a home in Columbia, South Carolina, can be a stressful situation. Any big purchase has its risks, and houses can come with a lot of potential risks. If you have a good inspection company, you can be pretty sure that they will be thorough enough to […]

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Water Damage: More Than Just Plumbing

When referring to water damage, the first thing most people think of is plumbing. While it is true that leaky pipes in homes and commercial buildings are the most common cause for claims of water damage, there are many other factors that can cause water damage. Common culprits of water damage are malfunctioning appliances, water […]

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General Steps After Water Damage

Water is everywhere in our homes: in our pipes, in the ground around our property, in our drains, flowing off the roof. Odds are high that your property will sustain damage from water. Insurance industry numbers show that 37% of homeowners will make a water damage claim at some point and 97% of basements will […]

StarMark Cabinetry at Rumsey Construction & Restoration

At Rumsey Construction and Renovation, LLC we offer quality and complete satisfaction. That is why we have partnered up with StarMark Cabinetry. StarMark Cabinetry is a leader in the kitchen cabinet and bath vanity market. StarMark has a variety of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities to fit all needs and styles. We specialize in Custom […]

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