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With regular use, the carpets in your investment property or business become soiled, leaving the carpets looking dull, worn, and dirty. Regular carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining your carpeted surfaces, protecting against unnecessary wear and preventing damage. 

If you are a multifamily property owner or business owner in Columbia and it’s time to clean your carpets, just call the experienced team at Rumsey Construction and Restoration. We offer routine carpet cleaning, move-in/move-out carpet cleaning, and high-traffic maintenance cleaning.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Properly cleaning your carpets requires a detailed, multi-step process that ensures the best results. At Rumsey Construction and Restoration’s Carpet Cleaning Division, we take the time to evaluate your business’ carpet, address specific concerns, and thoroughly clean and rinse the carpets, leaving behind only fresh, soft, and fluffy carpets. 

Our carpet cleaning service will use certified industry approved techniques to service commercial-grade carpet including:

1. Bonnet 

Bonnet cleaning is an interim-maintenance program typically used in commercial cleaning situations. This process cleans the surface fibers and is considered a low-moisture cleaning system.

2. Encapsulation 

This is a VLM (very low moisture) type of cleaning. It’s a chemical process that dirt particles undergo when acrylic polymers encapsulate the dirt, isolating it from the carpet fiber and making it vulnerable to a dry vacuum. This is another form of carpet cleaning in our arsenal. The carpet dries faster and can be protected from future staining.

3. Extraction 

We use high-powered, truck-mounted equipment and fresh, hot water to clean and rinse the carpets. A specialized soil emulsifier is applied to trouble spots prior to cleaning, promoting better extraction of the soils. After cleaning, we’ll check for any remaining trouble spots and groom the carpet, lifting the fibers to promote drying and to restore the natural texture of the carpeting. 

Our carpet cleaning process includes:

1. Carpet Inspection & Preparation

Before we begin cleaning, we’ll walk through the areas to be cleaned and identify any concerns. We’ll also add corner and furniture protectors.

2. Pre-Treat Spots and High Traffic Areas

A specialized soil emulsifier is applied to trouble spots prior to cleaning, promoting better extraction of the soils.

3. Clean & Extract Soils

Using one of the carpet cleaning methods outlined above, we use specialized equipment to lift and remove soils from the carpeting.

4. Post-Inspection and Groom

After cleaning, we’ll throughly check for any remaining spots and groom the carpet, as needed.

5. Apply Protectant & Dry

If desired, a protectant is applied post-cleaning to minimize re-soiling.

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