Charlotte – Storm Damage Emergencies

Yes, even in winter, Charlotte residents can suddenly find themselves facing severe weather like tornadoes, high winds and heavy rain. Many homeowners aren’t prepared and don’t know how to handle the aftermath of severe storm damage.

Storm Damage – Things to Look For

  • Standing Water

Avoid walking in any standing water, especially if you think it might have reached electrical outlets, wires on the floor (like power strips), or appliances. If possible, turn off the circuit breaker to the affected areas unless you would have to stand in water to do so. Be aware of any pests or rodents that may have come in with floodwaters. Take photos of any water damage – before the water subsides. This documentation will speed up your insurance claim.  

  • Roof Damage

Often, one of the first signs of storm damage a property owner will notice is a damaged roof. High wind speeds have a tendency to rip off roofing shingles. Even if you see just a couple of shingles on your lawn, the damage to your roof may be more severe.

Don’t try to climb up on your roof. The visible severity of the damage may be misleading, and the roof’s structural integrity could be compromised. Instead, take photos of any visible damage.

  • Broken Windows, Gaping Holes & Missing Siding

Flying debris from high winds can quickly devastate a home. Fallen trees can create gaping holes in a home’s structure. Broken windows or torn-off siding lead to water damage and a loss of climate control.

What Will a Professional Storm Damage Restoration Company Do?

  • 24/7 Emergency Response. We’ll be at your door within 60 minutes.
  • Complete assessment of the extent of the damage.
  • Emergency board up and tarping services save your property from further damage.
  • Structural stabilization ensures your safety.
  • Restoration and reconstruction services mean we can handle your storm damage needs from start to finish.
  • Insurance Claims Assistance. Let us help you deal with filing your insurance claim.

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