Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes to Avoid In Augusta

Water damage at home or work can be extremely stressful and most people respond by trying to clean up as quickly as possible. While it is important to start repairing the damage immediately, some mistakes could end up causing more harm to your health, the structure, or both. Below are some of the common mistakes that many Augusta homeowners make when dealing with unexpected water damage and restoration issues.

Waiting Too Long

Water is pernicious. It slips through rugs, closets, and cupboards, as well as floorboards, drywall, and walls. The more you delay, the more moisture will continue to create chaos and cause further damage down the road. Usually, property owners try an initial cleaning on their own and delay contacting a clean-up company while they contemplate whether they even need it or not. Unfortunately, if water has gotten inside the property, it can lead to deadly mold and structural problems to the foundations. Trained professionals can identify damage invisible and repair it. However, the longer you wait, the worse and more expensive the problem grows.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Containers, brushes, dusters, and towels are ideal for washing and tidying items for everyday use. Unfortunately, a flood is a rare occurrence that needs the use of specialized tools and equipment. Clean-up organizations have special equipment that pumps water, dehumidifies, and sanitizes huge areas. They could do it in a short time to reduce the water damage. When homeowners begin cleaning with common household items, they often make matters worse. They end up pushing the water deeper into carpets and floors, and also into corners, increasing the damage and encouraging the growth of potentially harmful mold.

Disregarding Hidden Water Damage

A flooded home needs a thorough evaluation to assess the serious damage. Damage can sometimes be invisible and only appear as minor spots or mold. Cleaning up after a flood is, is the easier part. However, assessing the hidden damage needs professional expertise and equipment. Special instruments used by restoration companies can detect lingering moisture in walls and floors. Experts will also inspect the house’s structural foundation to ensure that no irreversible damage has occurred. They will also sanitize the flooded areas to ensure mold does not grow.

Neglecting Safety Precautions

Hidden damage always extends to many issues: leaky pipes, filthy water filled with contaminants, unstable floors, possible electrical shocks, shattered glass, and debris floating on the surface. All of these are potential safety hazards that specialists always know how to handle. Property owners often fail to recognize these risks in their effort to save their valuables. Also, many property owners forget to put on helmets and the appropriate protective gear while they are examining or fixing their homes. This can result in personal injury as well as more serious issues than those created by the flooding.

Failing to Call a Professional Immediately

The greatest mistake you can make when dealing with water damage is not hiring a professional clean-up company. Many homeowners are always surprised when they discover the level of damage that is not visible to the human eye. Certified water damage restoration companies have the tools and expertise to analyze, dry, and repair water damage from any source.

Water Damage Restoration in Augusta

When water damage strikes your property, call Rumsey Construction and Restoration for quick and efficient home water damage restoration. Our highly-trained clean-up experts live and work in our community, and our first priority is to return your home to normal as soon as possible. For emergency water damage restoration in Augusta, contact Rumsey Construction and Restoration right away.