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Custom Homes

Custom Home Building

At Rumsey Construction and Restoration, we have built many custom homes over the years. If your home was destroyed by fire or a natural disaster, we can rebuild your home from the ground up. Or, maybe it’s time to build your dream home to your exact specifications – Rumsey Construction and Restoration can make that dream home a reality.

Disaster Reconstruction

If you have lost your home to a fire or other natural disaster, Rumsey Construction and Restoration can help. Our full-service restoration and construction teams are able to clean-up losses caused by fire and water and build brand new homes from the ground up. Our experts understand that losing a home to a disaster is traumatic. Without a home to live in you are left trying to find somewhere to stay, maybe living in a hotel or with family until your home can be rebuilt. It is a frustrating and stressful scenario for any homeowner.

Rumsey Construction and Restoration wants to help relieve your stress as quickly as possible. We have enough experience, skill, and manpower to efficiently construct a new home quickly while also making sure the integrity of the structure is not compromised. If you have experienced a disaster and need to start rebuilding, call our team today!


Custom Home Construction

Do you have a dream home? Are you ready to quit dreaming about it and turn it into a reality? If so, Rumsey Construction and Restoration is ready to make it happen. Rumsey is a full-service construction company with over 30 years of experience in building custom homes for our clients. When you work with Rumsey, you are working with a team that is committed to creating exactly what you want. Our team will listen to you, answer your questions, guide you when you are unsure about something and communicate with you through the entire project.

The contractors at Rumsey Construction and Restoration have one goal in mind. That is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end result. We work with integrity to provide high-quality homes that will last! We don't want to just meet your expectations, we want to exceed them.

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Why Work With Us?

These are the three words that describe Rumsey Construction and Restoration contracting work. Every time we work with someone, we believe it is our responsibility to give them an outstanding experience – quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, superior customer service, and practical solutions that are suited to their needs and budgets.


We have years of experience doing residential and commercial construction in the Carolinas. All of our crews are professionally trained and have extensive experience working in the area. We only take jobs when we are sure that we can deliver the best results. Take a look at our portfolio to see our past jobs and how serious we take our craftsmanship.


Rumsey C&R has a commitment to real service from real people. Call and speak to a real person at any time—someone who actually knows what’s going on and has the power to fix problems. We’ve built our reputation in the community through word-of-mouth and real, honest service. If you’re ever unsatisfied at any step in the process give us a call and we’ll make it right immediately.


In the construction industry, we work closely with you to adhere to budgetary restrictions without sacrificing great construction value. We’ll stand by anything we build as something we’re proud of.

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