Did Your Refrigerator Cause Water Damage?

Every modern home has at least one. Some families have an extra just for drinks! The average refrigerator capacity is between 9 and 30 cubic feet. A French-door design, with half-width fridge doors and a pull-out bottom freezer, is the most popular style in the country. But the most energy efficient style is a top-mount freezer refrigerator. But any choice needs to be reliable. A leaky or failing unit can cause a lot of damage to your walls, floors, and baseboards.  

Water Damage Cleanup in Columbia

If there is a crack or break in the pan, water can leak from the fridge all over your kitchen. If you don’t find it and fix it, it has the potential to cause structural damage to the floor (and in some cases the basement ceiling below.) In just a short time, mold and mildew can form under the refrigerator, 

If your fridge has water pooling at the bottom, a clogged defrost drain is the most likely cause. The defrost drain prevents the fridge from freezing. The fridge automatically defrosts itself and drips water down into a pan so it can evaporate. Sometimes, food particles or other debris will clog the defrost drain. A blockage can lead to ice build-up and water backup.  

Another common cause of fridge water damage is an ice maker leak. Clean water comes into the fridge to be used to make ice cubes. If the water line gets damaged by crimping it, crushing it or breaking it, that water will flow down the back of the fridge. 

A more rare situation happens when the refrigerator is sitting “crooked.” The front of the fridge should be 1/4 inch lower than the back so that the coolant can flow freely. If not, the fridge has to work harder and condensation is created on the coils, causing water to drip and pool.

Let Rumsey Help You Clean Up

Since the fridge blocks your view of the wall and floor behind the unit, people seldom notice   unless the leak creates a puddle. Refrigerator water damage doesn’t always happen suddenly. Often, the plastic water line behind the refrigerator will crack or weaken, causing a slow leak.  

As soon as you suspect a problem with water, get help. The damage restoration experts at Rumsey Construction and Restoration respond quickly to begin the initial water extraction and drying process.  

Once the bulk of the water has been removed, they will use fans and dehumidifiers to prevent more damage and mold. Advanced drying equipment  will continually monitor moisture levels to confirm when it is safe to complete the project. 

Will Insurance Pay For the Repairs?

A typical homeowners insurance policy will cover damage caused by a “sudden and accidental” leak or other malfunctions. So, if out of the blue, the line breaks and speeds water all over the kitchen, insurance will pay for the cleanup. 

Unfortunately, slow leaks due to negligence. are not covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy.  For instance, water damages caused by a slow leak over many months that ruins the drywall and rots the floor underneath might be your responsibility.

In either case, any repairs to the refrigerator itself typically would not be covered under you homeowners insurance (but should be part of your warranty with the manufacturer.)

Lastly, if your fridge is leaking coolant rather than water, always consult a professional immediately. Coolant is toxic and needs to be contained and disposed of properly. 

Contact The Water Damage Cleanup Pros in Columbia

When a faulty appliance spills water all over your home, get help to clean it up quickly and safely. In Colombia, Rumsey Construction and Restoration will manage the entire water damage cleanup process: drying, repairing, sanitizing, and site clean up.