Storm Damage Restoration & Repair

Weather Damage Repair

One perk of living in the Carolinas is the weather. In the summer months, if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes and it will change. Mother Nature has a mind of her own and that is why the Carolinas are also known for some of the worst storms around the country.

With winds that can send a tree into your living room, hail that can cause extreme roof damage, and rain that will turn your front yard into a lake, how can a Carolinian rest easy?

The storm damage professionals at Rumsey Construction and Restoration are waiting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you when nature takes a turn for the worst. 

Our first step is to ensure your property is secured and then assess the damage. We work with the insurance providers in North Carolina and South Carolina frequently, and we will find the optimal home restoration guidelines that work best for you.

Securing Your Home After Storm Damage

You should not have to worry about security after being a victim of storm damage. Give us a call after the storm hits and our general contractors will secure any opening that was not there prior. From tarps to two by fours, we will make sure no further damage occurs to your home or business. We also conduct tree and debris removal and general repairs.

Did the storm also knock out your power? No problem. You can use our generator until the lights come back on or the insurance adjuster arrives. 

When a storm has left you out in the cold, don’t fret.
Contact Rumsey Construction and Restoration 24/7
to put everything back in its proper place.