Disinfection Services

Experiencing higher than normal flu or other symptoms at your facility? Wish to be proactive in your approach to tackling viruses?

Contact our virus response team today. Depending on your facility(s) & company this will include:

  • Access to the best equipment & certified technicians available.
  • Access to the best chemicals & processes available with certified capable technicians.
  • Establishing an emergency plan of action & estimating workforce needs.

There will be limited certified proven resources available. Meet with our team ASAP to discuss options going forward.


Virus Response Team

Building scope & protocols can vary due to many factors, depending on the building’s size, type, age, & layout.

If an area does become exposed to the virus, our team is ready to assist with an emergency response plan:

  • We quarantine the area by setting up critical containment barriers.
  • We place the area under negative air pressure.
  • We implement a 5-step process using our EPA hospital grade disinfectant, proven to eradicate many types of infectious viruses, including C. diff, MRSA, Staph, Strep, Hepatitis, Influenza, & many types of Coronaviruses.
  • We sanitize your HVAC system, bringing your building to safe levels of bacteria, fungal growth, & viruses.

We Are Commercial Property Pre-Planning Specialists

If you do not have emergency plans to address situations that can disrupt your business, we are happy to help.


Download our Infosheet to Learn More About Coronavirus COVID-19 and Best Practices to Prevent the Spread of the Virus



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