Fire Damage Cleanup Is Risky And Dangerous If Not Done Properly

fire damage cleanup augusta, fire damage augusta, fire damage repair augustaWhen the word ‘fire’ is mentioned, a few things come to people’s minds. Some may think about their elementary school days when they were taught to stop, drop, and roll. Others may think about camping and roasting marshmallows. Some may think of the brave firemen and women who fight them all the time. Others may think about the risks that fires can cause. Whatever it may be, fires are no joke. 

When fire damage occurs in your home, it can be some of the most devastating events that one will experience. Saving what you can in your home is obviously important to you, and protecting your family is the number one concern. While you may think that you can solve the fire problem yourself, the cleanup process can actually be risky and dangerous if not done by the right people. Fire damage cleanup crews like those at Rumsey in Augusta, understand how devastating fire damage can be, and are trained to deal with the aftermath. Here are a few things that they can do: 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Augusta

Structural Assessment:

After the fire is put out, the first thing that the fire damage cleanup professionals do is assess how stable your home is. This is an important safety step to ensure that the building or structure is strong enough to complete the tasks below.

Twenty-four Hour Board-up: 

It is important to protect your home from outside dangers and other risks of damage to your home. This includes covering broken windows and damaged roofs to protect your property from outside elements, animals, and potential vandalism.

Removal Of Smoke And Soot: 

Even after the fire is put out, did you know that smoke and soot will linger for a long time? What is worse is that these things are very difficult to clean up if not done with the proper techniques and equipment. Discoloration of ceilings and walls, corrosion of materials and strong odors accompany initial fire damage. Smoke spreads quickly and is one of the worst effects to deal with long term. Soot is known to embed into walls, glass, and other materials, causing serious damage. Failure to properly remove smoke and soot quickly can also release toxins in the air that pose a threat to your health.


This step is similar to boarding up your home, but allows for the items in your home to be protected and sealed away from the areas that have been affected. 

Extensive Cleaning Of All Surfaces:

Although you may think you can handle the clean up, it is important to have the professional fire damage cleanup team take care of it. They are trained to do the best cleaning and ensure safe and clean air for you to come back to! 

Contents Pack Out:

The removal of your belongings is important to ensure proper cleanup and the start of a new beginning for your home.

Consultation About What Can Be Restored:

This step is important so that the professional fire damage cleanup company like Rumsey can be sure to let you know what needs to be done and how to get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Full Reconstruction And Repair:

It is comforting to know that your home can be restored and life can resume. So what are you waiting for? Contact your local fire damage cleanup crew today!