Fire Damage Cleanup: What To Do Next

A fire can be a horrifying experience. Many people do not know what they should do after their home has been damaged because of a fire. This is the article for those who need to know what to do next after fire damage.It can be a very stressful time if you have been affected by fire damage in your home. It is important to take appropriate steps to attempt to minimize the damage and follow proper guidelines set forth by local fire officials. There are a few steps that you can take once you have determined if there has indeed been fire damage done to your home.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Augusta

Do Not Enter Structure

If your home has caught fire, do not enter the structure if it appears unsafe. It’s important to contact a professional to evaluate your home. Your local fire department can recommend a professional to help you assess the safety of your home. In order to avoid additional damage, you should turn off the gas and electricity safely before entering the building or having someone enter on your behalf. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the event in order to file a claim with them and receive assistance with cleaning up and restoring your property.

Salvage Items From House

Now that you’ve evaluated the damage, it’s time to salvage anything you can from your old home. Salvaging items is a good option if you have insurance and are planning to rebuild or move. Before entering the structure, contact your local fire department and ask permission to enter. Be sure they also provide you with information on how to avoid electrical shock in your home as well as where there may be standing water that could cause injuries.

Once at the site, make sure you have proper protective equipment on before entering your burned down home. This should include thick gloves that cover your wrists, long pants and sleeves, protective eyewear, heavy boots or shoes with non-slip soles and an N-95 respirator. The respirator will prevent any smoke particles from becoming lodged in your lungs while you work. As always when handling damaged materials and cleaning supplies after a disaster, visit the CDC website for detailed safety advice regarding potential health concerns.

It’s generally best not to salvage items from rooms most affected by fire damage like kitchens and bathrooms because of potential exposure to hazardous chemicals such as cleaners and pesticides that could be released into the air during fires or by firefighting efforts. It’s also not recommended that you attempt to salvage upholstered furniture due to chemical treatments used during manufacturing or flame retardants found in certain fabrics which may release harmful particles when burned or exposed to heat.

Stay Safe After Fire

It can be tempting to return to your home or business after a fire. However, you should stay away from your property until it is safe. Contact any of the following that may be applicable in order to determine when it’s safe for you and your family to return:

  • Your property insurance company
  • Local fire department
  • Local police department

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