Five Signs Of Water Damage That Are Easy To Miss

One of the problems about water damage is that it is easy to miss. If you aren’t paying close attention, a water damage issue may be developing in the neglected areas of your home without your knowledge. This can lead to significant damage costing you serious time and expenses to fix over time. To help you avoid this disaster in your home, here are five often disregard signs of water damage from our water damage cleanup experts at Rumsey Construction in Columbia, SC.

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia, SC

An Inexplicable Coldness

Since water cools the air around it down, standing pools of water will decrease the temperature in your home. Thus, if you notice that the air in a certain portion of your home is cooler than normal, it may be because you have excess moisture somewhere in your home. This problem is especially concerning because it means that you are probably spending extra money on heating to combat the coolness from the water. 

Unusually High Water Bills

Checking your water bill each month is one simple way to be conscious about water damage prevention. First, you should establish a baseline of how much water you use each month. You can do this by going back through your past water bills. One you have done this, you can compare your future water bills to the baseline. If your future bills are exceptionally high with no apparent explanation, it’s possible that they are high because you have a leak hiding somewhere in your home. 

A Musty Odor

The last thing anyone wants to smell when they walk into their home is must. Musty odors are a symptom of mold growth so if your home smells musty you should search for the source of the smell. Doing this will lead you to the mold and you can have a mold remediation company remove the mold for good. 

Other Unpleasant Odors

Along with a musty smell, water damage can bring along a host of other unpleasant odors. This is especially true when the water contained contaminants in the first place. So if you smell anything bad and don’t know where it’s coming from, begin investigating right away and it may lead you to a water damage problem. The sooner you detect it, the more likely you can avoid higher water damage cleanup costs.

Ongoing Health Problems

Lastly, continual health problems are another possible indication of water damage. This is primarily because water damage leads to mold growth and mold growth is associated with a broad variety of different health problems. 

While these five signs of water damage may be easy to miss for many people, they don’t have to be for you. By remembering what these signs are and remaining vigilant for them in your home, you will be able to prevent any water damage problems and cleanup costs from growing out of hand. For any water damage problems you may have, no matter how big or small, however, don’t hesitate to call us at 

Rumsey Construction in Columbia, SC. for help with our water damage cleanup services.