Four Lesser-Known Facts About Water Damage

Knowledge is extremely important when it comes to water damage prevention and cleanup. There are many facts about water damage that most people are aware of like the potential for mold growth or that the water needs to be removed from the home as quickly as possible. On the other hand, there are many other facts that are less well-known. Ignorance on these topics can cost you dearly if your home ever floods. Here are four important and less-known facts about water damage from our cleanup experts at Rumsey Construction in Evans.

Mold Growth Doesn’t Take Long to Begin

Everyone knows that mold growth is a consequence of water damage. However, the speed with which mold can begin growing after a flood takes many people by surprise. In reality, mold only needs 24-48 hours to begin growing after the initial flood took place. This is true even for small, hidden pockets of moisture as well. For instance, you may have removed all the standing floodwater, but if just a small amount of moisture has been absorbed into your carpet and not removed this can cause mold growth as well. 

Water Can Seep Into Wall Cavities And Cause Water Pockets-

Even if it seems like you cleaned up all the flood water and dried up all the visible water, there could still be water within your walls. These hidden pockets of water can go unseen for a very long period of time. This can cause a very serious problem as this hidden water can cause damage to drywall, wood, or whatever else it is in contact with. 

Homeowner Insurance Policies Don’t Typically Cover All Types Of Water Damage

This is one of the most surprising facts for many people. It can also put you in serious trouble if you are expecting an insurance claim but don’t get it. The key difference in insurance policies is the difference between water damage insurance and flood insurance. Water damage insurance probably won’t cover damage from a flood (like from a heavy rainstorm) and flood damage insurance probably won’t cover damage from a water damage event (like a burst pipe). Make sure you understand your policy well now so you aren’t taken off guard by a denied claim sometime in the future. 

There Are Multiple Different Classes Of Water Damage

Finally, it’s important to know that not all types of water damage are created equal. The three different classifications of water damage are clean water, grey water, and black water. The most threatening of the three is black water which contains raw sewage and/or dangerous chemicals. You should never allow yourself to come into contact with black water as it can be extremely toxic and destructive for your health. Leave this to the water damage cleanup experts

For Your Water Damage Cleanup Needs in Evans

Don’t let anything about water damage take you off guard! We hope you find the tips above helpful for responding to a water damage disaster if you ever have one in your home. Moreover, if your home does ever flood, give our water damage cleanup experts a call at Rumsey Construction in Evans as soon as possible for help.