General Steps After Water Damage

Water is everywhere in our homes: in our pipes, in the ground around our property, in our drains, flowing off the roof. Odds are high that your property will sustain damage from water. Insurance industry numbers show that 37% of homeowners will make a water damage claim at some point and 97% of basements will have an unwanted water intrusion.

If left untreated, even a small leak could turn into a big problem when it comes to your health and personal property. When a water damage situation is larger than you personally can clean up with a bath towel or two, you have great options in Columbia. Restoration experts use a general formula for quickly remediating damage from water in your home:

  • When you call a full-service construction and restoration team, they will rush to the scene of the damage immediately to contain as much damage as possible.
  • The first step is to find, and stop, the source of intrusion to ensure that no more water seeps in.
  • Once they’ve stopped the flow, they will use extract out the water using commercial grade extractors.
  • If necessary, they clean away silt and sterilize any sewage damaged areas.
  • To prevent mold growth, they begin drying the entire area using commercial fans and large dehumidifiers. They work as quickly as possible to prevent any future mold growth.
  • With thermal detectors, they can identify any remaining moisture hidden in walls, furniture or carpets. This is more accurate than looking or feeling with your hands.
  • After removing damaged items, your home is restored to its original condition i.e. rebuilding walls and ceilings, restoring flooring, structural damage and repainting.

Why Hire Professionals To Help With Your Flood

When your home has suffered damage, there are many tasks that must be completed soon to prevent more damage. Water damage restoration experts are a team of dedicated people who clean, repair and restore home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many professionals will concurrently work on different parts of your house, using the latest technology available.

Mold Safety

Mold is an unfortunate consequence of water damage. Since mold grows in hidden spaces such as corners, walls, and ceilings, professional restorers use their knowledge and equipment to identify and treat early– before mold has a chance to flourish. The experts also have access to effective, but less toxic, chemicals than household bleach. When professionals clean up your damage, they will work to prevent future health dangers.

Saves Money In The Long Run

Water damage, if left untreated, can wreak havoc, both in your home environment and your finances. Going for water damage restoration immediately after the damage not only reduces your losses but also costs. The sooner the water-logged areas are cleared up and dried and all other side effects are investigated, the lesser the cost and effort will be required.

Professional Advice

Opting for water damage restoration helps you get the professional input on the condition of your house. Experts who do the work of water damage restoration usually inspect your home and give in their input as to how serious the damage is and how to go about the process of treating it. A homeowner does not usually have experience with current building trends and materials for the repairs. Water damage restoration professionals can be a trusted partner to improve your home after a disaster.

Expertise And Equipment

With any water damage in Columbia SC, it is necessary to analyze and assess your situation. Rumsey Construction will develop a specific plan for your situation for the most efficient cleanup process. These Columbia water damage cleanup specialists employ trained personnel and special equipment that can evaluate flood damage and can identify all the problem areas that are retaining the moisture.

Often in a water loss situation, the damage is more extensive and the materials are wetter than they appear to be. Rumsey Construction and Restoration has been serving the Columbia, SC area with superior construction and disaster restoration services since 2011.