Knowing What Can Be Saved During Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage in your Columbia SC home can cause a lot of damage to both your home and your belongings. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide what can be salvaged and what can be saved following water damage, so the water damage cleanup experts at Rumsey Construction are here to help. Here is a quick guide to help you know what may be able to be saved and what may have to be discarded following water damage – but keep in mind, every water damage case is different. Depending on the source of water there may be nothing worth saving, but if it is clean water and is cleaned up quickly, nothing may need to be thrown out at all. Each situation is different, but here are some general guidelines that may help:

Water Damage Cleanup Columbia SC

  • Flooring/Carpets: When carpets and flooring are exposed to contaminated water for extended amounts of time, they end up absorbing unhealthy toxins, making them unsafe. However, if water damage is from a clean source and is found and resolved quickly, carpets, rugs, and flooring materials will more than likely be able to be properly dried and restored. You have to respond to the water damage before warping or breakdown occurs, so the best way to save your belongings is to call in professional water damage cleanup help right away. With heavy duty water extraction equipment, air overs, and dehumidifiers, the water damage cleanup experts at Rumsey Construction can remove excess moisture from floors and flooring materials so you may not need to replace them at all.
  • Furniture: Following water damage, if it is safe to enter the affected area, try to remove as many pieces as possible. If you can remove furniture from the water before they start to absorb too much of it, they can be dried out, cleaned, and returned to use. The longer pieces sit in water though, the worse the damage will be. Wood pieces that have sustained prolonged water exposure will take longer to dry out, and may need more serious repairs. Metal legs, knobs, or other finished could rust and corrode, and may not be able to be fully restored. Furniture pieces made of particle board may not fare as well. Particle boards absorb water very quickly, and begin to deteriorate just as quickly. Furniture that is upholstered will require extra drying and cleaning to ensure the fabric isn’t holding on to musty contaminants. Bed frames, depending on the material, may be able to be salvaged, but mattresses that have sustained water damage can hold on to mildew and foul smells. Sometimes professional cleaning can restore them, but if a mattress has sustained significant water damage, it is best to toss it. 
  • Paper goods/Documents/Photographs: These items tend to hold the most value to home owners, from important documents to priceless pictures and memories, these can be the most devastating loss following water damage. Possessions with sentimental value should try to be salvaged at all costs. Though it may seem hopeless for these materials, there are companies that specialize in restoring wet and ruined photos and documents. The most important factor in determining whether or not these items can be salvaged is time. As long as the water damage has been found quickly and these items have been removed before they start to deteriorate in the water, there is hope. Don’t just toss them out in frustration. While not everything may be saved, it is always worth the effort to try.

We know that water damage is overwhelming, and that is why we are here to help. We can respond quickly and efficiently to your water damage cleanup emergency to mitigate damage. Do not try to go at it alone, and let Rumsey Construction help you with your water damage cleanup.