Preparing For Water Damage Cleanup Prevention

With fall in Columbia comes falling leaving and falling temperatures. This is a great time of year to perform some maintenance around your home to prepare for winter, and help reduce the risk of water damage to your home. Here are some things you can do this fall to prepare for winter weather and avoid major water damage cleanup costs:

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia SC 

  1. Before fall turns into winter you want to be sure that all the water is drained completely from your sprinkler system. IF water is left in the pipes that supply your sprinklers and the temperatures drop, that will freeze.  When water freezes in pipes it causes increased tension until they finally burst. Burst sprinkler pipes can cause major flooding around the foundation of your home which can easily find its way inside, so it is important to get them blown out before it gets too cold.
  1. You should check your roof to be sure there are no loose or missing pieces of roofing or shingles, and that water does not collect in any areas. Be sure that your roof is maintained regularly so that it will be fortified to withstand the elements.
  1. Any pipes that run along outside walls of the home or are located in areas that receive little heat (i.e. attics or basements) are more susceptible to freezing when temperatures start to drop. Since we know that problems that can arise from frozen pipes (hello water damage cleanup), the best way to prevent this is to be sure those pipes are insulated. Pipe insulation can be found at many local hardware stores and is simple to install. This easy step can be a huge lifesaver to not only prevent bursts from frozen pipes, but also to ensure that water continues to flow through your sinks and faucets. 
  1. Gutters and downspouts are a huge defense for your home against water damage and cleanup costs. Without gutters, water would easily collect in areas around your home, and run right off the roof and straight to your foundation. Again, water built up around your foundation can very easily work its way into your home, so it is important that gutters and downspouts channeling and directing water away from your home. In the fall, leaves and debris can find their way into your gutters, preventing proper water flow. It is so important to clean out your gutters before winter comes so that water is  routed safely away from your home and not left standing in them (which can easily freeze).
  1. Look for any cracks, openings, and chips in siding and foundation all around your home. These imperfections provide routes for water to seep in, and ,if not repaired, greatly weaken your home’s defense against water damage .
  1. It is also a good idea to turn off your exterior faucets and disconnect hoses. If there is water trapped in your house when the temperatures drop, it will not only ruin the hose, but also cause water to freeze up into the faucet itself. Frozen pipes almost always lead to water damage and cleanup issues so make sure they are off and nothing is connected that could house sitting water.
  1. Seals around windows and door frames will begin to loosen and deteriorate over time, leaving these openings into your home weakened and open to moisture. You should check around all of your windows and the weather stripping around your doors in the fall ,before it gets too cold, for any areas that need repaired.  You can use caulk or weather stripping to seal areas around windows and doors to prevent water from leaking inside. Plus, this will help keep heat in and cold out which will make your home much more efficient.