Preventing Water Damage in Charleston

Water damage is a significant issue that can affect any Charleston home or property. It’s important to understand that water damage can happen anytime, whether you live in an area prone to natural disasters or not. Water damage, typically from heavy rainfall, flooding, burst pipes, leaking roofs, or malfunctioning appliances, can result in mold growth, structural issues, and extensive repairs. The expert water damage cleanup crew at Rumsey Construction has a few tips for you when it comes to water damage prevention.

water damaged home in Charleston

Water Damage – Charleston

Preparing for water damage is important by implementing preventive measures to get ahead of the curve. By being prepared, you can minimize the damage caused by water and prevent costly repairs.

What Leads to Water Damage?

Both internal and external factors can cause water damage in a home. To prevent it, it’s important first to understand what contributes to this risk. In your house, leaking or burst pipes, toilet blockages, and appliance malfunctions can all lead to significant hazards if left unchecked. These issues are often caused by blockages, corrosion, or faulty equipment like air conditioners or refrigerators. 

Outside of your home, weather conditions like clogged gutters, frozen pipes, or yard flooding can be uncontrollable factors that can cause damage. To mitigate potential damage, it’s important to take proactive measures such as shutting off outdoor water sources, cleaning gutters regularly, and redirecting excess water away from the home. Preparing both inside and outside the home will help to ensure that you are ready for any potential water damage that may occur.

How Can Water Damage Be Prevented?

A clear understanding of what causes water damage will help you reduce the risk of water damage because you can take preventative measures. Knowing that water damage can happen inside and outside your home, it is important to acknowledge them separately. Each type of damage will require different preventative measures. 


One of the most crucial parts of a home is the main water shut-off valve. It controls all the water in the house and needs to be located quickly in case of an emergency. Appliances are often the cause of water damage, so it’s important to maintain them regularly. This includes checking hoses, pipes, and water pressure. Leaks should never be ignored, and it’s important to keep the water pressure within the normal range of 40-60 PSI for most homes.


It’s important to keep your gutters functioning properly to avoid water damage to your home. Leaves, dirt, and debris can block gutters, leading to leaks or floods. To prevent this, cleaning your gutters twice a year is best, especially if you have trees or foliage near your home. Also, disconnect hoses and turn off water sources before the weather turns cold to prevent freezing and possible pipe bursts. These simple steps will help protect your home from water damage threats in the long run.

Taking preventative measures to avoid water damage in your home is crucial, but sometimes, it’s best to leave it to professionals, like Rumsey Construction. Even if you have done everything possible to prevent water damage, it can still happen unexpectedly. In such cases, calling professionals like Rumsey Construction is the best solution. They have the expertise and tools to restore your home to its pre-damaged condition quickly and effectively. Additionally, they can provide you with further preventative measures to avoid future water damage problems. By contacting experts, you can know that your home is well-protected from water damage.