Water Damage

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services in Columbia, SC, Charleston SC, Charlotte, NC, and Augusta, GA

Water Removal and Restoration

If water is threatening your home or business, you need to get help immediately. 

If left untreated, that small leak could turn into a big problem when it comes to your health and personal property. When you call Rumsey Construction and Restoration for your water damage needs, we will arrive immediately to start removing the water and drying the affected areas. Our technicians used advanced technology, powerful tools, and industry-leading methods to make sure your property is being cleaned and repaired the right way and the best way.

Let the experts at Rumsey Construction and Restoration handle your water problem, day or night. With our employees available 24/7, we are always ready to take care of your water repair needs. Contact us now!

Water Extraction & Drying

When water impacts your property, the first thing you need to do is get it out! At Rumsey Construction and Restoration, we’ll respond quickly and fully prepared to handle the initial water extraction and to begin the drying process right away. Whether you have a few feet of water in your basement or just soaking wet carpet, we’ll extract the water using high-powered extractors to get as much of the water out as quickly as possible.

Then, once the bulk of the water has been removed, we will utilize fans and dehumidifiers to dry the affected area before additional damage can occur or mold growth can begin. We use the most advanced drying equipment and will continually monitor moisture levels in your property until it is dry. Our skilled water damage technicians will have your property back to normal in no time.

Mold Removal

When it comes to restoration, you don’t want to take any chances. Any area that sustains damage from water and is not completely dry within 72 hours is likely to grow mold. Mold can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours and can colonize in under 12 days. The presence of mold can not only devalue your home and damage your property, but it can cause major health problems. While it may seem like a common cold, mold can be serious for individuals with weak immune systems or those who are already in poor health.

When water damage happens, it may seem like the end of the world, but it isn’t! Fortunately, something can be done. Rumsey Construction and Restoration has extensive experience with water damage restoration and mold removal – you’d be amazed at what we can do! The most important thing is to get help immediately as the longer the water sits, the more damage it will cause. We’re standing by for your call 24 hours a day!

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Water Removal & Repairs

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Don’t Wait To Contact Your Local Restoration Experts

Water is everywhere – in our pipes, in the ground around our property, in our drains, flowing off the roof—and it is highly likely that your property will sustain damage from water at some point. Most claims of damage from water begin with a small leak. Immediate action is required to minimize the amount of damage to your property. 

If you come across water damage in your home or business it’s important to remain calm, but to act fast. Rumsey Construction and Restoration will be ready to respond in a moment’s notice. You’ll be back on your feet in no time with the help of our trained specialists and industry proven water removal methods.

Why Work With Us?

These are the three words that describe Rumsey Construction and Restoration contracting work. Every time we work with someone, we believe it is our responsibility to give them an outstanding experience – quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, superior customer service, and practical solutions that are suited to their needs and budgets.


We have years of experience doing residential and commercial construction. All of our crews are professionally trained and have extensive experience working in the area.


We have a commitment to real service from real people. We’ve built our reputation in the community through our honest service. If you’re ever unsatisfied, give us a call and we’ll make it right immediately.


In the construction industry, we work closely with you to adhere to budgetary restrictions without sacrificing great value. We stand by anything we build as something we’re proud of.

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At Rumsey Construction and Restoration, our business philosophy is simple: go the extra mile – every time, for every client. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers. Every time we work with someone, we believe it is our responsibility to give them an outstanding experience – quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, superior customer service, and practical solutions that are suited to their needs and budgets.

Steps To Restoring a Property After Water Damage

Rumsey Construction and Restoration has gained a reputation as the restoration experts to call whenever you have water damage. Here’s our formula for remediating damage from water in your home or business.

1. When you call Rumsey Construction and Restoration, we rush to the scene of the damage immediately no matter what the time of day or night. That way we can contain the damage as much as possible.

2. Once we arrive, the first step is to find the source of the water and make sure that no more water is leaking or seeping in.

3. Once we’ve stopped the flow, we extract out the water as quickly as possible using commercial grade extractors. We also clean away silt and sterilize grey or black water damaged areas (i.e. sewage).

4. We then begin drying the area immediately to prevent mold growth. We set up commercial fans and large dehumidifiers to dry the area as quickly as possible.

5. Once everything is dry we use thermal detectors to determine what needs to be restored and what is okay the way it is. Often dry wall and carpeting cannot be salvaged if it remained wet for too long.

6. After removing damaged items, we restore your home to its original condition – rebuilding walls and ceilings, restoring flooring, structural damage and repainting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Water damage insurance claims depend on a few different criteria. Ultimately, that’s a question you’ll have to clarify with your insurance company. However, we can tell you that the viability of water damage insurance claims depends primarily on what caused the damage (storm, burst pipe, plumbing malfunction, localized flood, sump pump failure, etc.). Some insurance policies will outline scenarios that will NOT be covered without specific riders like flood insurance, or sump pump failure insurance.

Contacting a restoration contractor as well as your insurance adjuster at the same time is a good idea because the restoration contractor will help make sure that not only will the water extraction and dry out be covered but the rebuild process that should follow. If the full scope of the claim isn’t outlined and agreed upon from the start, there may be issues down the line, and property owners may find themselves having to pay out of pocket to get the property completely back to normal.

That depends on the types of materials that were affected by water. Drywall, carpet, and hardwood floors will take longer to dry than other materials in the space. We use moisture meters throughout the process and in many different locations to gauge the moisture levels and will continue to adjust our fans and dehumidifiers to achieve an efficient but effective dry time. The bare minimum of “three days to dry” may only produce a surface dry, but can still leave behind moisture levels that create an ideal environment for mold to grow.


Most homeowners start trying to remove the water themselves before they realize they’ll need to contact their insurance company about a claim so they can call in a water damage restoration company. However, standing water around anything with a power cord or outlet or sagging ceilings make the area unsafe. Also, many insurance claims require documentation of the loss BEFORE any work is done, including removing the water. Always take plenty of photos of the damage you see before taking any action to start cleaning up the mess. Your restoration contractor will be able to back up your insurance claim scope with the necessary technical documentation as well.


Identifying the source of the water damage is one of the first steps in both the insurance claim process and before beginning to dry out and repair the damaged areas. After all, if you replace a sagging, wet ceiling that was caused by a roof leak but don’t fix the roof, too, the next rainstorm will start the cycle all over again. The buckling to your hardwood floor could be caused by a leaking pipe. We will pinpoint the exact cause of your water damage and make sure the source is repaired. We make sure your restoration job is done right the first time.