Restoring Your Charleston Home After Water Damage

Water damage in your Charleston, South Carolina home can result from various issues and lead to significant damage. It’s crucial to promptly clean up and restore your home after experiencing water damage. However, many people are unfamiliar with the water damage restoration process. Rumsey Construction’s team outlines the key steps that water damage restoration professionals take to safeguard your home.


The first step is to inspect the situation. A variety of sources can cause water damage. In Charleston, flash flooding is common, but many household issues, such as burst pipes or faulty appliances, can cause water damage in your home. It is essential to know what caused the water damage and where the water causing the damage came from. Depending on where the water came from and how contaminated the water is the procedure may have to change. Water damage restoration experts will assess the damage and how dangerous the situation is and check where the water came from. They can also determine how extreme the damage in your Charleston home is.

Water Extraction

Water extraction is vital to the water damage cleanup and restoration process. It must be done thoroughly to ensure that further damage does not occur to your Charleston home. This is why it’s crucial to hire a professional water restoration service for this step. They have specialized equipment to remove all water from your Charleston home during the water damage cleanup. Some of these equipment include specialized water pumps, which the average South Carolina citizen doesn’t have access to or the proper knowledge to use.


Drying a Charleston home is extremely important to ensure that no further damage is done to one’s home after a water disaster. Water can easily sneak into hidden crevices, under floors, and in walls. If the water is not completely dried, it can warp your floors, cause structural integrity issues, and other issues like mold. Professional water damage restoration services have the knowledge, training, and tools to dry your home to completion properly.


Sanitization is a necessary step to water damage cleanup and restoration. Sanitization can look like any number of things. Sanitization may have to be very thorough, depending on what caused the water damage. If the issue is caused by sewage, it’s essential to avoid the disaster and have a water damage restoration team take care of it. They have proper biohazard protection and cleaning supplies to address the issue. Even if the water damage disaster doesn’t come from hazardous water, having a water damage restoration specialist take care of it is a good idea. They have all the tools to effectively and quickly sanitize any part of your Charleston home that requires it. It’s best not to take chances with sanitization to ensure nobody gets sick due to improper cleanup.


Once the initial cleanup is taken care of, the remaining damage to your Charleston home is the final step. Mold may need to be cleaned, and stains may need to be taken care of. In worse cases, your drywall may need to be replaced, or the wooden support beams in your walls may need to be traded for new ones. A water damage restoration specialist will know precisely what needs to be repaired and how to repair it.

The water damage cleanup and restoration process is a simple procedure to understand. It’s also a simple procedure to perform for a water damage restoration service. If you encounter water damage in your Charleston,SC home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Rumsey Construction..