Six Ways To Leak Proof Your Home

Small, pesky leaks are one of the most potent causes of water damage. As a result, one of the best things you can do to prevent water damage and any possible cleanup is to prevent any such leaks from occurring in your home. From our water damage restoration experts at Rumsey Construction in Columbia, South Carolina, below are six simple things you can do to leak proof your home, and prepare for any potential water damage cleanup. 

Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Roof leaks are unpredictable and have the potential to cause a lot of damage, and cleanup. The only way to have peace of mind regarding your roof is to inspect it regularly for damage. Upon doing so, you should replace any shingles that are missing or damaged. 

Inspect your Chimney

If the flashing (the sheet metal that keeps the intersection between the chimney and roof watertight) is cracked, loose, or missing, water will easily leak around the chimney and get into your home, causing the need for water damage cleanup. So, invest in quality flashing and don’t forget to put a cap over your chimney (unless it already has one).

Insulate Your Attic

Proper insulation in your attic is important because it helps you maintain the temperature and moisture level there. Keeping each of these at the optimal level increases the energy efficiency of your home and helps it remain waterproof. 

Clean Your Rain Gutters

Keeping your rain gutters cleaned out is an important aspect of preventing water from leaking down into your basement and causing water damage. When your gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris, they are unable to do their job of filtering rainwater away from your home. When this happens, the water spills over the top of the gutters saturating the ground near the foundation of your home. If your foundation has any weak spots, it is only a matter of time until the water finds its way through down to your basement. 

Fortify Your Foundation

One common way that homes are vulnerable to flooding is when flood water seeps through the foundation and into the basement of crawlspace. If you notice any cracks or weak spots, you should look to have them repaired immediately. The foundation is one of the most important things about your home, and so protecting it from potential water damage and the cleanup that follows will ensure the integrity of the structure. 

Inspect And Repair Your Pipes

Your pipes are the most potent threat of flooding in your home. Because of the large amount of water that runs through your pipes, even a small crack can lead to a large amount of water flooding your home. You should be especially careful about inspecting your pipes if you live in an old home and they haven’t been replaced for a long time. 

The tips listed above include some of the most common areas in your home where leaks are likely to occur. However, there are still many other areas where leaks can affect your home. Make sure to be diligent in actively looking for and identifying any current or potential sources of leaks in your home. For any water damage issues in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Rumsey Construction in Columbia, South Carolina for help.