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Water Damage Cleanup Columbia 

Three Stages of Water Damage Cleanup

When water damages your Columbia home, the first thing you need to do is call for water damage cleanup. In order to prevent as much damage as possible, the water needs to be removed as fast as possible. At Rumsey Construction, we specialize in quick and thorough water damage cleanup so we can provide the […]

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Did Your Refrigerator Cause Water Damage?

Every modern home has at least one. Some families have an extra just for drinks! The average refrigerator capacity is between 9 and 30 cubic feet. A French-door design, with half-width fridge doors and a pull-out bottom freezer, is the most popular style in the country. But the most energy efficient style is a top-mount […]

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Water Damage Cleanup From Bathtub Overflow

Based on a review of  U.S. homeowner’s insurance claims, almost 20% of issues were caused by “non-weather-related” water damage such as plumbing or appliance issues.  One of the most common sources of leakage in household bathrooms is also one of the easiest to monitor:  the site of the overflow drain in your bathtub.   Unfortunately, often […]

Watch for Water Damage In the Bathroom

Of all the rooms in your Columbia home, the bathroom is by far the most vulnerable to water damage. Over time, this can lead to extensive damage to walls, floors, sub-floors, and wood cabinets. Even minor leakage can lead to huge problems when water seeps below the tiles and damages the underlying structure. Next time […]

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General Steps After Water Damage

Water is everywhere in our homes: in our pipes, in the ground around our property, in our drains, flowing off the roof. Odds are high that your property will sustain damage from water. Insurance industry numbers show that 37% of homeowners will make a water damage claim at some point and 97% of basements will […]

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