The Three Water Types

There are few things worse than water damage. That being said, we at Rumsey Construction can’t stress enough that water damage that is properly handled, is monumentally better and easier to handle than water damage that is left untouched or poorly handled. The first steps in your water damage restoration plans should include calling a professional so help can be on the way, shutting off water and power to affected areas, removing valuables if they are within reach, and doing your best to remove rugs or other loose items that could cause staining or dents in your floor. Beyond that, it can be helpful to know what you are dealing with. There are official, standardized “categories” of water; and the water sitting in your Columbia home right now fits into one of them. The type of water that you’re dealing with will help you and experts know what to do to treat it properly.

Here are the three different types of water that could be in your home: 

Category 1: “Clean” Water. This could be from rain, condensation, or leaky pipes if the water running in them is clean. This type is the least harmful and if your water damage is small and contained, you can clean it up yourself. For larger scale water damage, we always recommend calling a professional, as anything that is not handled properly can begin to grow mold. Clean water, if left for 24-48 hours, can turn into the other types as bacteria grows. 

Category 2: “Gray” Water. This is water from a slightly contaminated source. This could be an overflowing laundry machine, a broken pipe coming from the kitchen sink, or something comparable. Where this is the cause, a little more caution should be used as this water can contain harmful bacteria or chemicals. 

Category 3: “Black” Water. If the descriptive nature of the title wasn’t enough to clue you in, this is potentially very harmful. This could come from sewage or a nearby river overflowing and contains waste, bacteria, or other contaminants. You should exercise extreme caution. Wait until a professional arrives. Do not come into contact with the water because it can cause sickness or serious health problems. 

Whatever your water damage emergency, calling help can be an investment and help to ensure that you get it cleaned up properly to avoid future problems. Water damage is a tricky problem because it only worsens with time, so act fast to nip your emergency in the bud. 

Rumsey Construction and Restoration in Columbia, South Carolina is your resource for water damage restoration of any kind. There’s a reason we tout ourselves as the best around – with over 30 years of experience, real people who you can call and talk to 24 hours a day, and over 5000 happy customers and counting, we are confident that we can help you with your emergency in the best way possible, and with all the urgency you need. After all, discovering water damage is already so inconvenient and scary – your cleanup crew should be lessening the stress.