The Unseen Effects Of Water Damage In Columbia

There are many issues that homeowners, and renters, face when dealing with any house project! Regarding the number of potential issues water damage can cause in your home, the list goes on, and on, and on. Ok, message received. Water damage can cause a lot of problems! However, not all problems are created equal. One thing that distinguishes the types of problems homeowners with water damage face is whether those problems are readily visible.

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia

Many problems caused by water damage are often difficult to spot without a cleaning and restoration team examining the damage. Here are three unseen effects of water damage we at Rumsey Construction in Columbia encounter often. 

Concrete Damage

Homeowners often don’t think about the consequences water has on concrete. They forget that, like wood, concrete is also porous. Water can seep into the cracks. Once water finds its way into these openings, it can eventually reach other foundational structures, such as steel reinforcements. In addition, the moisture inside the concrete can also rise back up and reach the area above, such as the carpet and tiles. This can lead to the floors peeling and warping.

Electrical Damage

Everything in your home that runs on electricity is at risk of water damage. However, because the water may just damage sensitive electrical systems, you may not be able to do what has not been damaged. Even more importantly, you must be extremely careful when dealing with standing water after a flood. You should never touch standing water after a flood since it could have an electrical current. One of the first steps one should take after a flood is to shut off all the electricity to prevent this from occurring. 

Damaged Floorboards

While carpet damage is obvious, damage to your floorboards is less apparent. Water can seep through cracks or the porous openings in your floorboards, causing large amounts of moisture to accumulate. Over time, this can cause your floorboards to warp. Any sealant or grout around the floorboards could be damaged as well. Additionally, moisture pooling underneath your floorboards will inevitably lead to mold growth. The mold can damage your floorboards and release harmful mold spores into your home. 

Damaged Insulation

Since it is not readily visible, insulation is an overlooked part of your home, especially regarding water damage. Because it is mostly made of foam and fibrous materials, insulation is extremely vulnerable to water damage. Once it absorbs even a small amount of water, your insulation may not be salvageable. You can’t just use a fan to dry insulation out like you can with other materials. 

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, but it covers some of the most important parts of your home that can be severely affected by water damage without your knowledge. If your Columbia home ever floods, call Rumsey Construction in Columbia for help immediately so we can address all of your water damage problems, whether visible or invisible.