The Water Damage Cleanup Checklist

Life can be chaotic, especially after you have suffered water damage in your Columbia. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when it comes to water damage cleanup, and it can be completely overwhelming to remember everything that needs to be done. During a time that seems hectic and far from organized, the water damage cleanup team at Rumsey Construction has come up with a checklist for you to follow to help make you feel more in control when dealing with water damage cleanup in your home.

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia

Safety First

When water has been found, assess the surrounding area and situation for anything that could cause harm. If there is a lot of standing water, turn off all power and gas in the room. Water can contain dangerous chemicals or pathogens, so do not let it come in direct contact with your skin. 


If you have flood insurance, contact your insurance adjuster immediately. 

A flood or water damage insurance claim will need to be filed as soon as possible. Take photos of all the damage sustained, and make a list of items that have been damaged. An adjuster will arrive to assess the damage, so be sure to keep a record of everything.

Furniture and Belongings

 If you have furniture, rugs, bedding, etc. in the area where water damage occurred, move it outside. It will be easier to clean and dry out these items when removed from the damaged area, and it will allow room for carpet to be pulled up and dried or replaced if necessary.

Restoration Company

There is no need to try to go about this whole process on your own. By calling a water damage cleanup company, you can ensure your home and belongings will be in the best care. Water damage requires immediate attention and the use of advanced drying equipment and techniques to thoroughly dry out the area and dehumidify the home to prevent mold growth. They will take care of removing carpet, if necessary, and restoring your home. Find a company that is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification to be sure that the water damage is handled correctly and efficiently. 

Dry it Out

Before any permanent repairs are done, or any items are replaced or put back, make sure your home is thoroughly dry. If working with a restoration company, they will handle all of this, but be sure to be patient with the drying process. If moisture is left behind, mold can grow. It is key to ensure that the damaged area is thoroughly dried. 

This may seem like a lot to do, and it is definitely overwhelming if you are dealing with water damage cleanup on your own. Do not get discouraged! If the right steps are followed in the right order, your home can be restored as good as new! Rumsey Construction follows an extensive process when responding to water damage cleanup. Our team is trained and certified to provide you with the very best service possible. We offer 24/7 emergency response services to residents in Columbia, and work with insurance companies to make sure you are getting the most for your money. Let us help take control and help you stay organized through one of life’s most hectic experiences, and call us for all your water damage cleanup needs.