Things To Look For With Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage cleanup is a big job. When water gets inside your home where it is not supposed to be, it needs to be removed immediately to mitigate the spread of damage throughout your property. Since you play the biggest role in determining how quickly response to water damage occurs, it is beneficial for all property owners to know the most common causes of water damage, and how to help prevent and clean up if it needs to happen. If you know what to look for, you can be better prepared to respond quickly. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia SC 

1. Leaking Water Heaters

Standard water heaters are designed to constantly fill themselves in order to quickly provide warm water. The most common water heater tanks hold between 40 and 50 gallons of water (roughly enough hot water for 3-5 people), so even a small leak can cause major flooding due to the amount of water used and the tanks ability to constantly keep itself filled. To help prevent water heater leaks, you should inspect your water heater on a regular basis. Manufacturers provide maintenance suggestions, which should be followed as best as possible. Keeping up with maintenance will help prevent water heaters from springing a leak.  

2. Faulty Washing Machine Hose

Most high-efficiency washing machines use between 15 and 30 gallons of water each load, while older washers use 29-45 gallons of water per load. That is a lot of water pumping in and out of those machines, sometimes multiple times a day. The most common problem with washing machines is faulty water hoses. Any leaks in the intake hose will worsen over time, and eventually burst. These hoses will weaken over time and with use, so it is important to check the integrity of the hose on a regular basis. Be sure that it is secured, and no leaks are present. It is a good idea to replace the washing machine hose every 3 years to avoid any potential corrosion, breakdown, and leaks. 

3. Clogs

Water needs to be able to flow through the path of least resistance. Anytime the flow for water is disrupted, you can have potential water damage and cleanup. Clogged sewer or drain lines can lead to water backing up and eventually flooding. Because these sewer or drain lines house contaminated water, water damage from clogs can be extremely dangerous without the proper protection and equipment. If you notice any clogging, or even slow drainage, do not hesitate to call a professional restoration team before the problem worsens. 

 4. Broken Pipes

The most obvious cause of indoor flooding is leaky or broken pipes. Pipes will begin to corrode over time, and can burst due to changes in water pressure. Broken pipes can flood areas in a matter of minutes, and can create a lot of damage. Leaky pipes are a warning sign of potential problems, and should not be ignored. Oftentimes, leaky pipes lead to burst pipes, and burst pipes in walls can go unnoticed. Any signs of leaky, strained, or corroded pipes should be taken to a professional water restoration team as quickly as possible.

At Rumsey Construction, we are experienced in emergency water damage cleanup, no matter the source or cause. We know how important it is to respond quickly, and that is why we are available to Columbia SC and surrounding areas 24/7. So keep an eye on your appliances, and be sure to call Rumsey Construction at the first sign of water damage.