Tips For Remodeling Your Home After Water Damage

At some point, most homeowners with outdated appliances and fixtures will experience some degree of water damage. Unless you’ve been blessed with a lifelong stroke of good luck, you’ll likely find yourself ankle-deep in water at a point when you least expect it. Yeah, it’s annoying. Regardless of the reason your home experiences water damage, it’s got to be fixed. Most homeowners in Columbia immediately jump to the idea of restoration. While restoring your home back to its original state after water damage is a great direction, water damage can be an excellent opportunity to renovate an area. Unless you’re overly attached to outdated wallpaper or antique fixtures, water damage can be a timely opportunity to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Here’s how:

Set A Budget And Stick To It

Remodels can eat up your budget. Fast. Simple updates can turn into extensive renovations quickly when deciding what changes to make. For this reason, homeowners should perform enough research to determine what a reasonable budget is and then stick to that budget. At the beginning of the project, decide whether or not you want to splurge on granite countertops or tile, as these materials will require a more flexible budget. Additionally, remodel expenses also include the cost to prepare walls, floors, and countertops for the alteration. Because remodels are also relatively invasive into the home’s structure, it’s also wise to plan for potential water damage.

Assess The Damage And Prep The Area

If you have mold as a result of water damage, it’s critical that 100% of the mold is removed. Mold spreads. Without thorough mitigation by a reputable mold removal company, the problem will compound. After the mold has been taken care of, the area needs to be prepared. Before any new material is put in, the area needs to be completely dry and clean to provide the best surface for new paint, caulk, or sealant. Consult our home restoration specialists for additional insight on how to best prepare a room or home for a remodel.

Conserve And Repurpose

Since remodels can be pricey, let’s look at other options for remodeling. One of our favorites is repurposing. For example, often times you can save a significant amount of money by repurposing old cabinets. Try adding a new finish or sanding them down to reveal the natural wood grain. If you’re longing for a new look, try open cabinetry or replace the cabinet doors with glass. The internet has hundreds of invaluable ideas for not only repurposing your cabinetry but repurposing your home. A remodel doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re not sure where to start, start by mimicking others’ ideas. Many homeowners have turned water damage incidents into opportunities to construct a home remodel. The ideas are endless!

If you’re deciding whether or not to turn water damage into a home remodel, give Rumsey Construction a call. We’ve helped many families determine the best option after cases of moderate to severe water damage. It’s not often you have a golden opportunity to renovate. Let us help.