Water Damage Cleanup: Get the Answers You Need About Water Damage Insurance Coverage

Anytime your home suffers water damage, you will have a lot to do. First– make sure your people and things are safe. Then, you will need someone to help you assess the extent of your damage. Rumsey Construction in Columbia can help you by making experienced and informed recommendations to clean up the damage.

During this process, you can’t help but wonder “is this damage covered by my insurance?”

Depending on what’s damaged, two types of coverage within a homeowner’s policy may apply. 

  • Dwelling coverage helps pay for damage to the structure of your home if it’s damaged by a covered peril. So, if a pipe suddenly bursts and damages a wall, dwelling coverage may help pay for repairs.
  • Personal property coverage helps pay for damage to your belongings if they are damaged by a covered risk. So, if a burst pipe results in a drenched computer or bookcase, personal property coverage may help pay to repair or replace the damaged items.

How Can An Experienced Restoration Team Help?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners’ insurance may help pay for repairs if your drywall is drenched after your water heater ruptures. However, when insurance companies should settle many water damage insurance claims, these claims are sometimes unjustly underpaid or denied. Insurance adjusters can misinterpret the policy language and deny coverage based on allegations that this specific type of water damage is not covered under your policy.  

An experienced restoration team has years of experience with the claim process and can guide you through the process. For example, our team uses state-of-the-art moisture mapping and thermal imaging technology to substantiate the full scope of water damage with precise estimates, making for the fastest and most accurate settlements for their clients.

Industry Tips

The nature of water damage can make the full scope difficult to quantify, resulting in frequently underestimated claims. For the best coverage and most accurate estimates, work in combination with your restoration team and your insurance agent. 

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance contract from your agent or insurance adjuster outlining your coverage, including mold provisions, limitations, and responsibilities.  
  • Begin mitigation of the damage, but do not begin restoration of your damaged property. Restoring your property should only begin after you and your insurance company has agreed to the exact scope of the damage.
  • Document all damage with photos or videos. Do you have any pictures in your photo albums to demonstrate the “before” in order to prove your values?

Professional Advice

Experts who do the work of water damage cleanup usually inspect your home and give in their input as to how serious the damage is and how to go about the process of treating it. A homeowner does not usually have experience with current building trends and materials for the repairs. Water damage cleanup professionals can be a trusted partner to 1) improve your home after a disaster and 2) to ease the process with your insurance team.

Expertise And Equipment

Often in a water loss situation, the damage is more extensive and the materials are wetter than they appear to be, With any water damage, you need to analyze and assess your situation. Our experts will develop a specific plan for your situation for the most efficient cleanup process. These water damage cleanup specialists employ trained personnel and special equipment that can evaluate flood damage and can identify all the problem areas that are retaining the moisture. 

In order to maximize your insurance benefits, our team will work closely with your provider to share information, photographs, and estimates; you can rest assured that your claim will progress smoothly.

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia

Rumsey Construction and Restoration has been serving the Columbia, SC area with superior water damage cleanup since 2011.