Common Water Damage Restoration Myths In Augusta

When you’ve experienced a major water damage situation in your home, you are scrambling for help and information. Your original assessment may be wrong- the damage may be more or less severe than you first thought. Well-meaning friends may pass on outdated wives tales. Some theories may have been true in the past when the technology wasn’t as advanced. 

Water Damage Restoration In Augusta

However, professional water damage restoration companies like Rumsey Construction are here to provide current information and apply the right course of action to mitigate the damages. If a property owner doesn’t take the right actions due to these misconceptions, they can end up with even more damage to deal with. Some common water damage restoration myths you might have heard are:

Myth: Replacing Costs Less Than Restoring

In most cases, cleaning and salvaging the contents and structure is actually less expensive than replacing them. This can vary with the circumstances, our team can help explain your particular situation. Sometimes, replacement is the only option. For example, if smoke soot hasn’t been properly cleaned from all surfaces, the damaged contents must be replaced. Rumsey is usually able to successfully clean and remove contaminants, avoiding high replacement costs.

Moreover, a professional restoration technician will always prioritize mitigation. Mitigation is extremely time-critical, as it stops further damage and reduces additional loss. It usually needs to be performed within 24 hours of the disaster. Delays will raise overall costs and increase restoration timelines.

Myth: When The Carpets Are Dry To Touch, The Home Is “Dry”

Moisture removal is complicated due to a variety of materials in the home. Carpet fibers are not the best measure; carpets dry much quicker than other structural elements. Thus, the drying process is complete only when all are dry: cement floors, sheetrock, wood framing. To measure various moisture levels, professionals use advanced meters and sensors. That is extremely important to accomplish the end result – a totally dry structure.  

Myth: DIY Is Cheaper Than Hiring Pros

While true in some cases, but you are taking chances with your home and your health. A botched repair can cost you more in the long run. Thus, a restoration company with established processes, top quality equipment and years of experience can save you extra expenses. At a minimum, have our team come by and investigate the extent of your situation.

Myth: It’s More Important To Wait During COVID

As we all try to balance keeping our families safe with protecting our homes, you can be sure that water damage can’t wait until the vaccinations are finished. Don’t delay until after the “Safer At Home” guidelines are lifted to get your property restored from water or fire damage. Our certified water damage restoration technicians are available NOW, as always, to help you. 

As an essential business to the community, we remain open and on call. Our team will follow protocols to keep socially distanced interactions while completing the project. At Rumsey Construction and Restoration, our business philosophy is simple: go the extra mile – every time, for every client. Through clear and regular communication we create an environment to make sure our clients are getting exactly what they want.

With any water damage in Augusta, it is necessary to analyze and assess your situation. Often in a water loss situation, the damage is more extensive and the materials are wetter than they appear to be. Our team has been serving South Carolina with superior construction and disaster restoration services for over thirty years. 

We will develop a specific plan for your situation for the most efficient cleanup process. These Columbia water damage cleanup specialists will use the latest specialized equipment to evaluate, repair, and restore your home. The water damage restoration team is available right now to help with your water damage restoration.