Where’s The Water Damage? Six Places In Your Augusta Home You Should Look

Water damage can find its way into just about every single part of your home. Although, it mostly presents itself in just a few of the same places. Here are these six places according to our water damage restoration pros at Rumsey Construction of Augusta.

Water Damage Restoration In Augusta

Around The Toilet

Toilets are notorious for leaking water and causing water damage. It’s important that you check around the base of your toilet often for water buildup. If you do notice water pooling around your toilet, it is probably leaking due to a loose seal of your toilet to the floor. 

Under The Sink

Water damage under the sink is especially problematic because it can go on undetected for long periods of time. Make sure you check underneath your sink often for any signs of leaking or potential water buildup. A couple signs that indicate possible water damage under your sink are dripping sound, low water pressure, and obviously excessive moisture underneath your sink.  

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are an important element of any home. However, they also pose one of the most serious water damage hazards in your home. Even the best water heaters tend to last only 10-15 years so you need to keep an eye on your water heater if it is old before it can spring any leaks.

Behind The Refrigerator

Because it is constantly pouring water, ice maker leaks are very common. To see if there is a leak, unplug the appliance and inspect the back of the freezer or freezer to find any water damage on the wall. There could also be a small hole or two in the pipes if they are plastic. If you see any dripping, consider replacing the tubes with copper pipes. You should also make the effort to check under your refrigerator regularly since it’s easy to not notice such a leak if you aren’t looking for it. 

Under The Washing Machine

During each cycle, there are about 15 to 30 gallons of water running through the washing machine. Any small hole within the appliance, drain, or tubes can result in major water damage. Look around your washing machine for water damage regularly and make sure you repair any damage to your washing machine immediately.

In And Around Your Air Ducts

Since they’re connected to the AC unit, air ducts have a tendency to collect moisture and spring a leak. Be aware of any condensation on your air ducts as a potential indication of this problem. Moreover, water damage in and around your air ducts can be avoided by having your air ducts professionally cleaned. 

As you focus on the six areas listed above that are most prone to water damage, you should be able to prevent the vast majority of water damage problems in your home. Nonetheless, if you do encounter any water damage in your home don’t waste any time before giving us a call at Rumsey Construction of Augusta for help.