Water Damage Restoration: Buying A Home In Augusta

Should You Buy A House With Water Damage?

When you put your criteria into the search engine, the internet offers you lots of options. But in 2020 and 2021, inventory levels are down, and finding the perfect house is harder than ever. There are fewer new houses for sale and the preowned homes are moving quickly.  So you spend a lot of time online, searching for the right fit. 

When you finally get a prospective viewing in person, you just know when it feels right. It checks all the boxes– bedroom down, private mother-in-laws suite, and great schools. However, you notice a stain on the ceiling and some bubbled paint. Is that a deal killer?

Consider a Pre-Sale Inspection

Both a restoration team and your realtor will advise you to have the home inspected by a certified professional before you bid on it. A professional home inspection will clearly define the extent and cause of any water damage: mold growth, foundation cracks, leaking windows, leaking pipes. Plus the inspector will be able to tell if there have been previous repairs (or coverups.)  

With a detailed inspection report, you can make an informed decision about 1) whether to pass on the property or 2) what is the extent of repairs needed. Then you can coordinate with the water damage restoration experts at Rumsey Construction of Augusta for an accurate quote and timeline. 

When looking around on your walk-through, did you smell something damp, musty or sour? Did you see:

  • Bubbled or streaked paint
  • Mildew in the bathrooms or laundry room
  • Discoloration on wood floors

As a potential buyer of a home, don’t walk away from your dream home because a little mold is discovered. In fact, when a mold problem is fixed properly and professionally, it won’t return. The presence of mold indicates a water problem, so these signs are not enough information to decide. You’ll need an expert opinion to help you calculate the cause (and cost) for mold removal. 

Should you Sell A House With Water Damage?

If the shoe is on the other foot and you’re about to list your home, should you spend the money and get any damage fixed before you list it? The answer is “better safe than sorry.” Most states require sellers to disclose any latent defects or pre-existing water damage, so you are already obligated to tell future owners of known problems. 

So existing water damage has already decreased the value of your home. You will either 1) contact a water damage restoration company and repair the water damage now, or 2) the buyer will expect you to lower the purchase price for them to fix it. So having a reputable water damage restoration team in Atlanta will help you get top dollar when you sell. 

If You Need Water Damage Restoration In Augusta

Stains on the ceiling or an old basement smell are not necessarily deal killers. You need a trained set of eyes to help you create a plan to repair any damage. Many times the scope is more extensive and the materials are wetter than they appear to be. Get some expert advice from Rumsey Construction and Restoration. They have been serving South Carolina with superior construction and disaster restoration services for over thirty years. 

We will develop a specific plan for your situation for the most efficient cleanup process. These Augusta water damage restoration specialists will use the latest specialized equipment to evaluate, repair, and restore your dream home. The water damage restoration team is available right now for a live chat, to give a quote, or discuss your future home.