Water Damage Restoration: What to look for

How To Spot Water Damage During An Inspection

Buying a home in Columbia, South Carolina, can be a stressful situation. Any big purchase has its risks, and houses can come with a lot of potential risks. If you have a good inspection company, you can be pretty sure that they will be thorough enough to find all the problems the house could have, but it’s hard to tell if you have a great inspection team. It’s important that you know what things to look out for as well when you are doing the inspection. Here are some ways to spot areas where you need water damage restoration. 


Attics can be a little creepy, but they are not a spot that you want to avoid during an inspection. Many times a source of water damage can be from a leaky roof, so if you have any warning signs of a roof leak, you’ll find them in the attic. If you need water damage restoration done, you will probably find soft spots in the rafters and flooring, signs of moisture in the insulation, or even mold in some areas. Some inspectors might even tell you that by patching the roof, the mold could go away on its own. But that is not something you want to bank on, especially in South Carolina. In this humid area, your attic contains the moisture to encourage mold growth, even if the roof has been fixed. 


If you thought your attic was creepy, just wait for the crawlspace. These areas are not fun to go into. They are damp and dark, and for that reason, you should be as thorough as possible. These places are great places for mold to grow and go unnoticed. If you have any soft spots in the structure of your home from moisture, this is where it would be. Water damage restoration is especially important in these areas because crawlspaces can be susceptible to termite infestations. 

Ceilings and Floors

More obvious areas to see signs of water damage is in the ceilings and floors of your potential home. Ceilings will bubble out, have brown stains, or even gaping holes if there has been any need for water damage restoration in the past. Floors will bow, dip, or have soft spots if there is any damage that has been left unrestored. Many people will forget to look up or neglect walking on every area of the flooring if they are doing a walkthrough while the family is still in the home. It feels invasive and uncomfortable, but it is important to be thorough when you are buying a home. 

Homes can come at a high cost; even higher than the market value if you buy one that is in need of a lot of repairs. This is why you need to have good professionals on your side like the ones at Rumsey Construction. If you are unsure about a home you are thinking of buying because you don’t know what the investment will be, consider having a professional from Rumsey Construction in Columbia, South Carolina walk through with you and give you a quote.