What Do You Do When You Walk Into A Puddle In Your Home?

The odds are that at some point in your life, you’ll come home to some water damage. Maybe it was a burst pipe, a broken appliance or an overflowing bathtub. But as soon as you see (or feel) water, it is a race against the clock to protect your home from additional damage.  So what should you do next?

Call For Help Now

Stay safe— avoid mixing water and electricity! If you can stop the flow of water, do it. If the faucet is broken and you know how to turn the water off at the street, do that. Then call the Rumsey crew for a quick response to your emergency. Their phones are staffed 24/7 and the team will be dispatched immediately. They will send enough manpower and equipment to start work right away.

Water Extraction First

As soon as they arrive and make a quick assessment, they’ll begin the initial water extraction.  Whether you have a few inches in your basement or just mushy, wet carpet, you need it all out as soon as possible. Much more efficient that a shop-vac, professional extraction involves pumping or sucking water out with commercial equipment. 

Drying Next

Once the majority of water is gone, the cleanup team will use fans, air movers, air scrubbers  and dehumidifiers to dry the affected area. If not, your home could suffer additional damage and mold growth. One aspect of professional drying is the continuous monitoring of moisture levels in the air. The team will also use moisture meters to identify hidden damp areas. By keeping track of evaporation, the team can ensure that the areas are dry enough to begin repairs.  

Repairs (If Needed)

Depending on the location, severity, and response time to your indoor flood, the team may be able to dry out all your possessions and building materials with no lasting damage. However, wood, carpet, and sheetrock aren’t designed to withstand standing water. 

Choose a clean-up team that has the capability to complete your entire project. For example, Rumsey can install brand new StarMark Cabinetry to enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom. 

You may need more extensive repairs and reconstruction. Water mitigation is the process of preventing damage from future water intrusions. Some examples are: adding exterior drainage, installing a sump pump, fixing damaged gutters.

Columbia, South Carolina Water Damage Cleanup

The Rumsey team is a full service construction and restoration company with extensive experience handling residential water damage. Rumsey Construction and Restoration responds to all types of disasters and will manage the entire rebuild process.  From initial water extraction through demolition to structural framing, your home’s safety will be the top priority. They will finish up with sheetrock, paint, carpet, and even custom cabinets to bring your home back to perfect. 

Contact us to speak with a real person who actually knows what’s going on and has the power to fix problems. Or use the contact form at Rumseycr.com if that is more convenient for you.