What To Do If You Want to Remodel After Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage is a disaster that no one wants to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s common enough that 14,000 people experience some kind of water damage every day in the United States. Altogether, that damage can cost up to $20 billion a year. Since water damage restoration already often requires some degree of rebuilding, many people opt to remodel at the same time. You should speak to your water damage cleanup company about how to best approach the cleanup if you want to remodel at the same time, but here are some general guidelines. 

Water Damage Cleanup – Charleston

Before You Start

Before you start trying to clean up the mess that water damage has caused within your home, there are a few things that you should consider doing. If your insurance covers water damage, something you might need to do is take pictures of the damage. By taking photos or videos, your insurance company will be able to see what has happened if you make a claim. Keep track of everything that was damaged and any expenses you have because of the damage.

Safety First

Water damage can actually be very hazardous if you do not approach it correctly. So before you begin tackling the damage, make sure that you are prepared to navigate and handle water damage cleanup safely. If you have standing water, make sure that you shut off the electricity.

It also depends on where the water comes from, but it could have hazardous contaminants in it that would harm you. Before you start cleaning, did you consider the actual condition of the structure of the building and how the water may have affected it? You should ask restoration pros how you can remain safe in your particular situation.

Cleaning Up

Water damage cleanup experts will start the cleaning process. They will remove standing water, remove other soaked materials or furniture, and dry out all surfaces. During this part of the cleaning process, they will disinfect if necessary. They will probably pay special attention to easily damaged surfaces like hardwood floors and drywall

When to Remodel

Sometimes after your home or business has been affected by water damage, you may want to go beyond the basic cleanup process and remodel. First, it is vital that you wait until the entire area is completely dried out and not at risk of locking in potential moisture or mold that could start to grow. Each step takes time, and it could take weeks before the area is fully ready to remodel. Discuss your hopes for remodeling with your restoration team. They can help you understand the best way to approach the insurance claim when you want to remodel instead of simply repair items.

Get Back to Your Life

When you need to clean up after water damage, there are some things you can do yourself, but you should always speak with a team of professionals, especially if you want to remodel at the same time. Remember, it is important to act quickly. Give our team at Rumsey Construction a call if you’re in Charleston! Our experts are available 24/7 to help.