When The First Rain After a Dry Spell Causes Water Damage Restoration

This summer looks like another scorcher with some possible violent precipitation. Sudden rain and stormy conditions often lead to unexpected downpours in Augusta. While your garden plants may rejoice, your home can suffer. After the soil and building materials have been dry and hot, water can find its way into little cracks and breaks to cause problems. Although we can’t control the weather, Rumsey Augusta can ensure your home is protected from further damage.   

Water Damage Restoration in Augusta

Too Much Or Too Little Rain On Your Roof

Since roofs are made to shield your home from water, you might think these dry hot days are best for your home. Actually, a lack of rainfall can dry out and damage your roof. When there is no cloud coverage, a buildup of heat and constant exposure to damaging solar rays damages shingles.

Long-term sun and heat ages the protective qualities of roofing materials. Too much sun can lead to cracked shingles, missing pieces, and damaged underlayment  leaving the rest of your roof vulnerable. Then, when the gulf stream sends us rain, the wind pushes water into every resulting crack and crevice.

Plus, your roof will be vulnerable to thermal shock when temperatures fluctuate wildly. When the roof materials are hot, they expand. When suddenly cooled down by rain, they can shrink, split and crack.

Droughts Affect Your Home’s Foundation   

In Richmond, Columbia, and Burke counties, homes are built on a foundation composed of loam, sand, silt, and clay. Each type is affected by water differently. Water flows through sand, clay expands when wet.

So weather can cause soils to damage the foundation of your home. For example, clay expands and shrinks when it dries out, it causes an uneven foundation. Over time, the weight of your home sinks down to fit into the new gaps, causing foundation settling or instability. If you are really unlucky, plumbing pipes can break.  

If you have a clay soil, irrigate around the home once a week. However, if you are under watering restrictions, your neighbors are going to judge you harshly! So learn your soil makeup and take care of your foundation. 

Maintenance Matters

Windows and doors also bake in the Georgia heat. Modern windows have a low e-glass coating that reflects sunlight and heat off your window; older windows don’t. Long hours of sun exposure  deteriorate vinyl, plastics, and composites. So even in climates with high humidity, vinyl windows can suffer from water damage.

Seal, casings, and weatherstripping must be maintained to avoid cracks. When water does get in, it can lead to mold, warping, and structural damage. Address leaks early; get the Rumsey team on site to repair and restore the sills, walls, and baseboards. 

If You Need Water Damage Restoration In Augusta

It’s ironic that we wait all summer for rain, and then have to deal with consequences. After wild weather, water damage is often more widespread than you thought; the materials are wetter than they appear to be. Get some expert advice. Rumsey Construction and Restoration has been serving South Carolina with superior construction and disaster restoration services for over thirty years. 

Rumsey Construction develops a specific plan for each situation for the most efficient restoration. Call today, the water restoration team is available right now to help at any time.