Why DIY Water Damage Cleanup Is A Bad Idea

This is the day and age for DIY projects, and thanks to YouTube and Google, you can find instructions to tackle almost any and every project in your home. However, some things should not be done on your own and require professional assistance to avoid any further problems – one of them is water damage cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup Columbia SC

Handling water damage cleanup on your own without the help of a professional can lead to several problems, such as:

  1. Inadequate Drying: One of the most significant risks of DIY water damage restoration is inadequate drying. Failing to remove all the moisture from the affected area can lead to mold growth, which can cause serious health issues. Professional water damage cleanup companies have specialized equipment designed to thoroughly remove water and moisture from your home, including water extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture detection tools. The drying process is also closely monitored by a trained technician to ensure no water is left behind, which provides the best possible outcome for your home.
  2. Delayed Response: Delayed response is another significant problem that can occur when you try to handle water damage restoration on your own. Waiting too long to start the restoration process can lead to more severe damage and higher repair costs. When you have other responsibilities like work, family, appointments, etc., it can be hard to put everything on pause to respond to water damage in your home, which often means it gets set aside until you have time to tackle it. The problem with putting off water damage cleanup is that the damage gets worse the longer the water is present. This is why most water damage cleanup companies offer 24/7 emergency response because they understand how important every minute is in mitigating damage. They have the time, resources, and staff available to respond to your water damage situation right away. 
  3. Incomplete Restoration: Without the proper knowledge, equipment, and experience, it can be challenging to restore your home to its pre-damaged condition. You may miss some of the hidden water damage, leading to incomplete restoration and further problems down the road. Moisture absorbed into materials and left behind can contribute to mold growth, rot, deterioration, and other problems. To ensure that the water damage is cleaned up entirely and no potential threats go unnoticed or unresolved, you should call in a professional water damage cleanup company. 
  4. Electrical Hazards: Water damage can pose electrical hazards, especially if flooding is high enough to reach electrical outlets in your home. Attempting to handle electrical components and wiring without the necessary experience and knowledge can lead to electrocution. The risk is not worth it. You should turn off all power to the affected area and wait until a professional water damage cleanup company arrives to ensure your safety and the safety of others in the home. 
  5. Health Risks: Speaking of safety, water damage can lead to health risks, especially when mold growth is involved. Mold can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, coughing, wheezing, congestion, and other health issues. Mold can spread and grow rapidly following water damage, affecting your entire home – not just the area where the water damage occurred. To ensure mold is handled safely and effectively, you should leave water damage cleanup to the professionals. 

Overall, attempting water damage restoration on your own can be risky and potentially costly. It’s best to seek the help of a professional water damage cleanup company to ensure that your home is restored correctly and safe for you and your family. If you are in need of water damage cleanup in Columbia, Rumsey Construction and Restoration is just a phone call away.