Fortifying Your Home Against Flooding To Save On Water Damage Cleanup Costs

There are a vast number of sources from which flooding can come and damage your home. To have confidence that your home is well-fortified against flooding, you need to be protected from the inside and out. Below are several different tips for doing so according to our restoration experts at Rumsey Construction.

Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia


Keep Pipes In Good Repair

A broken or burst pipe can lead to a serious flooding problem in no time. Make sure that you regularly inspect your pipes for damage to prevent this from happening. If you live in an old home with older pipes you should do this even more often since they will be much more susceptible to damage. If you do notice any problems, call a plumber right away to come out and assess what needs to be done.

Buy A Sump Pump

A sump pump is your best line of defense against a flood. There is simply no better tool for pumping large amounts of water from your home after a flood. Doing this will significantly decrease the damage done to your home since there will be so much less flood water affecting your home.

Install Water Detection Devices

Water detection devices are basically fire alarms but for water damage. They are typically installed near the ground in rooms most likely to sustain water damage. Thus, if a room begins flooding, it will sound an alarm so you can be quickly notified of the flood and stop it as soon as possible.


Install Window Well Covers

As water builds up within your window wells, it doesn’t take much for that water to make its way into your basement and leave you with a major mess. Fortunately, window well covers are a simple and affordable way to protect your basement against flooding. You can buy high-quality window wells for under $100 at a local home improvement store. Beyond that, it is also very easy to install them. Thus, this is something you can do in just a few minutes that makes your home far more safe.

Watch The Grade Of Your Yard

Water behaves differently in every yard. You should know the grade of your yard well so you understand how water will flow in and around your yard. As a result, you will know which areas around the outside of your home need additional protection against floodwater.

Clean Your Rain Gutters

Keeping your rain gutter clean is an essential part of preventing water damage. Rain gutters are needed to divert water away from your home, and when they are clogged with the debris they are unable to do so. Take the time as often as it is needed to clean out the gunk from your gutters so they will be able to do their job properly

We hope you find these tips helpful for preventing flood damage coming from inside and outside your home. Nonetheless, if you do ever experience a water damage disaster, our team at Rumsey Construction in Columbia, SC is just one call away and here to help.